Good Night, Y’all … Today is in the Books

IMG_9198.JPGToday was a pretty good day. Work picked up, and I got some traction on a professional development class I want to launch in October. Woohoo!! I’m so excited. I got to spend some time helping out a college grad on her resume, and I got this amazing comment on yesterday’s blog:

Man, alive! You made a difference in my life today. Thank you for your beautiful words; I feel you wrote directly to me.

How does it really get better than that? My little college co-ed was thrilled with the work I did on her resume. Where she had listed tasks, I listed skills and dressed it up with some fancy corporate verbs. She is a real estate agent, and she had it listed as a short line item under employment. I texted her:

Have you sold any houses?

Yes 3

Damn girl! Do you handle all of the appraisal appointments, negotiations, etc?

I fill out the paperwork and meet the inspector and send the info back and forth to the other realtor.

No no no no. You negotiate contracts between the buyers and sellers. Do you advise them on anything?

I try to inform them about resale…..

Great! You advise customers on potential benefits of the product you are selling.

You make it sound so much better! Haha … I’m glad I’m related to a writer!

So, filing papers became assembling listing folders and answering phones turned into providing customer service. It was fun to transform this stale simple document into the two-page story of her stellar career as a ‘highly motivated and creative sales and office professional’. It’s amazing what a few words here and there can transform. It helps that I’ve bought and sold 7 houses of my own in my lifetime. I know how helpful a realtor can be. I also know how one can screw up a transaction. So, it may seem like pushing papers to the uninformed, but it can be life-changing for the buyer or seller when it’s handled correctly.

I had a conference call tonight to orient a faculty member to a new course we redesigned in June. The technology failed because we have the state’s cheap teleconference provider, AT&T. Everytime I’ve held a webinar, we’ve had a different problem. Last night, the application wouldn’t work on my computer. Tonight, it wouldn’t work on the presenter’s computer. It was a pain, but we figured out Plan B and moved ahead. It was fun to see the work I’ve done … and my teams … come to fruition. This fall there will be some great new online history courses for our community college students that are designed to teach critical thinking skills through the lens of history. I’m very excited about it.


I came home late and was ready to meditate. I needed to vacuum first because Ashok chewed up a bag of crackers when I picked Buster up at the vet. The vacuum cleaner sucked in a long strand from my living room rug, and the cheap belt broke.  I had to sit down and take it apart to repair the belt before I got to meditate. Ashok attached the vacuum cleaner while I laughed. I meditated, gave Buster some antibiotics. He has a urinary tract infection which I guess is why he’s been acting odd. So, twice a day for the next ten days, I have to stick two syringes in his mouth to give him a cold milky medication. I predict that by tomorrow he won’t let me touch him without a fight. But, tonight went off without a hitch. He seems to feel better already, and I am ready for bed. I fixed a cup of chamomile and lavender tea in the hopes that it’ll help me sleep through the night. Tomorrow I have another course orientation with our art teachers, so I’m shifting my start time to allow me to work until 7:30 PM. I’d love to sleep a little later, but I never do.

All in all, I had a pretty good day. I caught up with Jessica, patched up a conflict with a friend, got some exercise, ate pretty healthy and made a couple of people happy. Other than having to drop $225 dollars unexpectedly at the vet, I can’t complain very much. Oh yeah… it is August… ugh.. Day 6 … 3 more weeks to go before the weather cools down. I can’t wait. I still sweat 20 times a day. The worst part is it affects my sleep, but hopefully I’m about to be down for the count. Night, y’all.




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