Taking Moose Medicine: Celebrating Accomplishments


It’s been so nice the last few days. This morning – as in the last couple of days – when I walk outside at 5:15 AM to walk Ashok, I almost feel like a need a jacket. I don’t. It’s like 70 something degrees, but the absence of humidity on my skin makes me feel a little cool. I barely even break a sweat by the time I get back from our one hour brisk walk. I am very … very … very grateful. I’m sitting outside at Starbucks having my decaf Americano which I ordered as a tall, but the Universe conspired to give me a Grande. I hope it’s that kind of ‘upsize my pleasure’ day today. The breeze is cool, and the sun is not too hot yet, although I’m sure it’s going to heat up.

I drew the Moose card in my Medicine Cards. Apparently the moose symbolizes self-esteem in Native American lore. I remember growing up and feeling that I had to ‘keep myself in my place’ or ‘not get too big for my britches’. I don’t know if those were conscious messages, but they were messages I received. The irony is that once I got out into the world, especially to hunt for jobs or give presentations, I have to sell myself. Well, how do I sell myself and balance not being too big for my britches. The message in my reading said that the moose is the epitome of self-esteem in that the male moose bellows in joy about his maleness to attract a mate. And, the bolder he is, the more mates he will attract. Apparently, mooses or meese or moose – just humor Mrs. Lester – don’t have a disdain of being too big for their britches.


The reading encourages me to be proud and vocal about my successes because others need to be proud of theirs, too. It’s sort of like joy. It’s contagious. So, if I’m proud of my accomplishments, and I shout them from the rooftop, it gives you permission to do the same. We all need to be proud of our accomplishments, don’t we? I always say that if you are not proud of yourself, who else will be? The world is full of jealous, snarky people who want to downplay the successes and gifts of others because they somehow think there’s a limit to the number of successes or gifts in the world. Jealousy says if you have a gift, that means there is one less gift for me. Jealous people obviously don’t know moose. Moose says there is plenty of great things to go around … for both you and me.. and the more we proclaim them and celebrate them, the more they multiply. I think I like moose medicine.

My cards say I should celebrate my recent accomplishments so I can encourage others to celebrate theirs. I am to realize that if I pulled the moose card today, I have reached the end of a lesson or attained a goal. I’m not really aware that I have, but I do know that the last few days I’ve felt that something has been completed. I’ve found myself feeling a ‘letting go’ of my job, my time here and maybe even a way of being. I can’t really describe why I feel that way, and I’m not moving on yet, but I felt an internal shift that released any striving I had to make things better. Yesterday, in a discussion with my boss, he said some things that felt like we both ‘let go’ of what has been going on in the last year. It’s just a feeling, but it’s been pretty profound. I instinctively felt that with the ‘letting go’ of whatever this is, the new journey has begun. Maybe that’s what this breeze and this day is all about. Maybe the Universe is celebrating the completion of whatever this past adventure has been for me and is joyfully encouraging me to celebrate it, too.

What do you need to celebrate that you haven’t? If you are reading this today, maybe you, too, need to take a moment and celebrate your accomplishments. I’d love to hear about them. No matter how small they are, they multiply when you share them with others. You know how to reach me. You always do. I’d like to celebrate with you. It’s going to be a lovely day, my friend. And, if you happen to see a moose, too, you really need to take heed. 🙂


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    • I don’t remember. I’ve had them for 15 years or so. I’m sure you can order them off Amazon. The Indians probably didn’t get them there, but I’ll bet you can now! I love them.

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