TGIF … What the Crap?

This morning I walked outside to my car, and it looked like The Birds (from Alfred Hitchcock) fame camped out in the tree above my car. It was covered … .I mean covered … in bird doo-d00. It was disgusting, and it was all over the handle, too. I drove over to the gas station near me and paid the $5 to get the quickie cheap car wash. I drove through, and half of the car was clean but there was a wide swath up the hood and on the roof that was still completely shat on. So, I drove around again and put the code in. No go. I drove over by the store and went in and asked the young lady if I could have another code because the car wash didn’t clean my car. “No,” she said. “I can’t get another code.” “Well, you go look at my car. I’m not paying $5 for that crappy car wash,” I told her. She proceeded to give me my $5 back. Why she didn’t do the cheaper option and give me another freaking code, I have no clue. But, I thought as I left, I hope this isn’t a sign this is going to be a ‘crappy’ day.

Things did get better from there, but they took a little doing. I eventually got the car washed again, and there’s a little crap left on it but not much. My acupuncturist sold me a new herb called Calm Spirit, and I’m going to credit my laid back, positive mood on those herbs. Also, my friend Gretchen cheered me up by sending me this unbelievably cute and upbeat video about a very, very creative pig. I hope it makes you laugh out loud – even if you got crapped on today, too.


2 Comments on “TGIF … What the Crap?

  1. Moose Medicine was good, but the pig made me laugh out loud! Thanks for another great blog.

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