Why the Hell Not, Girlfriend?

Two of my girlfriends just moved cross country to start new life adventures, and one is about to move across the world to start a new adventure in 12 days. We are all over 50 and rocking it. I love the energy they are tapping to make big, wholesale changes and start over. My friend Nancy who is starting a new adventure in North Carolina complete with getting her bachelor’s degree posted this in our little private chat room this morning:


Damn straight, Nancy girl! Why the hell not? One of my other friends just moved to Charleston to start a writing career. She posted this placard yesterday on Facebook.


I watch my parents as they have a ball out in Red River NM every year. They are making friends all over the country, and their life continues to be full of adventure and fun even into their 70s. What if they had said they were too old to go try something new 10 years ago when they started going out there and had sat their butts at home in their rockers in Pierre Part? They would have missed so much. They took a chance that it would be great, and it has been. The verdict is still out on my friends who just moved to Nashville and Charleston, but my guess is that they will be the better for it. You can’t help but grow from something as big and exciting as relocating to a beautiful place.

I was searching for something this morning, and I found this article on the ten best cities for single women to live. It just so happens that Charleston and Nashville are on the list. Hmmmmm … wow … that sounds interesting. What if I chose to relocate to a city that is a great place for single women? I never thought about that being a motivator. Why the hell not? Well, my mind of course starts going to last year’s move. Ugh … the expense of it … the hassle of relocating .. the physical aches and pains of packing.. moving .. and setting up a new house. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t sound all that good after all. Plus, there’s the very real issue of finding a job in a new locale. Unless it’s in the cards, it may be pretty darn difficult to do. I was chatting with my friend Lisa who is the new Nashville resident, and she said her move about killed her. What if … I asked her .. we started a moving company for single women over 50?

Hmmm … let me see. If I had my dream moving company for women over 50 – me, to be exact – it would be one that took care of everything.  I think I could call it – Why the hell not, Girlfriend? We could capitalize on the woman newly divorced or tired of the local dating scene or the ones that are just ready for the next step career-wise. They could call 1-800-HELLNot, and one of our perky, happy single women over 50 would answer with ‘Thank you for calling Why the Hell Not, Girlfriend? Are you ready for your next big adventure?’ We could help them with everything from finding a new job in their field to setting up their new profile on Match.com in the new area. Once we secure their high-paying job working with the nicest people in the world, me and my girlfriends who have just moved can send them tip sheets on how to afford moving on a budget OR offer them our services for our high-end ‘Moving as a Vacation Package’. This package includes hot movers who come in and lovingly pack your stuff while they go on and on about how hot you are. They will cook your dinner in between packing boxes and even bring you flowers and Godiva chocolates. They’ll make sure that your moving experience is one of a kind and your every need is met including an extensive stress relief service that includes massages and chilled wine or BlueBell ice cream. Whatever you do on your own time is your business. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

I actually wish this service existed right now. One of my friends confessed that when she moved last time she moved with a man precisely because it was a ticket out of where she was. There were warning signs all over the place that this was not a long-term relationship, but the adventure took her out of a job she hated and provided a new, presumably exciting future. She described it as “I was waiting at a bus stop, and CRAZY JERK was the bus that came along.” Well, why couldn’t my company provide the bus? There would be no heartbreak afterwards or some crazy male that needs extricating from your abode. The more I think about this, the more sense it makes. I’d love to be a CEO of my own company, and I can look at that list of ten cities and pick one for my next adventure myself. And, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll have my own company that can move me to the next adventure – stress-free!!

I don’t have the phone number up and running yet, so please don’t start calling right away. If you are ready for your next 50-something adventure, you might want to check out this article on re-inventing yourself after 50. I’m sorry, boys, I can’t help you on this one. This is a gender-exclusive service. You’ll have to create your own adventure yourself. I’ve always heard that it’s a man’s world. You’ve had your turn. It’s our turn now. Why the hell not, girlfriend?


8 Comments on “Why the Hell Not, Girlfriend?

  1. LOL. This sounds like a great idea. Not sure how serious you are, but you will probably want to find someone with some experience in the moving industry.
    I’m sure there are women who own moving companies and might find this idea intriguing.

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