Launching My Half-Marathon Training Plan

And… yes, it’s decaf.

Last night I went over to the gym to go to the Triple Threat workout class that I’ve been attending. I arrived there about 20 minutes early and sat down on a bench outside the workout room. I didn’t have my phone, so I just sat for a few minutes spacing out. About 5 minutes before class started, I got up and walked out, drove home and sat in my living room working on my resume. I just did not have the energy to workout. I don’t want to whine about the heat anymore, so I won’t, but you know why I feel sluggish.

I know better than to try to workout at night on a regular basis. All my life I’ve been consistent with workouts only when I’m doing them in the mornings before the rest of the world gets up. I have more energy than I do in the evening, and there are fewer distractions. So, I set my alarm at 4:00 AM so I could get to the gym at 4:30. I actually woke up about 3:45, and I was ready to go. I got dressed, took care of Ashok and arrived when the doors opened.

Morning gymrats are consistent, and I usually see a lot of the same people there. This morning I met an older African-American woman who usually goes to classes, but this morning she was lifting weights because she had a full day ahead of her. She told me that she was a retired nurse, and she goes on medical missions trips now all over the world. We talked about our workouts, and she asked me what I did for a living. When I told her I designed online courses, she shared that her husband was a retired professor, and he had gotten frustrated with all of the new technology he was having to learn at the very end. It’s just harder for us to adapt to technology. We didn’t grow up with it. It made my workout go faster since I was chatting intermittently with my new friend.

This weekend starts my training for my half marathon in January. Last year I signed up for this particular race, but my hip problems precluded me from doing it. It goes right by my house. It’s the Louisiana Marathon, and it’s on my birthday weekend. It’s quickly becoming a premier marathon weekend with lots of partying and fun after the races. I’ve built in some extra training time due to the injuries I’ve had the last couple of years. I want to take the training really slow. I’m using Jeff Galloway’s plan, and, since I’m using walk breaks all along the way, I will run 15-17 miles before I run the 13.1 mile race. It’s a longer training distance, but it allows me to feel like 13.1 is a piece of cake the day of the race. When you run all the way through without walk breaks, your body doesn’t recover as quickly. Most people don’t run the distance before the event because it takes too much out of you. That being said, running a half marathon is not nearly as complicated physically as running a marathon.

This weekend’s first run is 5 miles. I’m already running that so it’s not too big of a deal, but I haven’t been running consistently lately. I’ve been walking a lot more than running. My goal is to start being more consistent starting next week and then increasing the long runs each week. I’m also in charge of my own training this year which is different than the last two years. What I really wish is that I had a workout partner. That was probably one of the most impactful pieces of my coaching with Jessica. I had accountability to do my workouts. If you are in the Baton Rouge area and would like to train with me – either in the gym or running, I’d love the company. This is the thing, though. I need a reliable workout partner. I’ve tried this so many times, and my partner ends up quitting after about 2-3 weeks. I spend those 2-3 weeks trying to get them to go workout, and then I finally give up. I get nothing out of it except a strained friendship and another disappointment. I would also be open to a virtual partner for working out if I can’t find someone locally.

So, this is my plan:

Monday – Upper body strength-training at the gym. Short, quality run.

Tuesday – Lower body strength-training at the gym.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Exercise class at the gym (Strength-training or Spinning)

Friday – Run/Speedwork

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Long Run

I’ve had enough now. I’m sitting outside here at the coffee shop sweating like I’m in the middle of the Amazon. My dog is overheated, and I’m hungry for dinner. I’m off schedule this week, so I’m heading to the gym at 4:30 AM tomorrow for a lower body strength-training workout. I’ll be heading to bed early. I’m just praying for cooler weather soon so running will be bearable. It’s looking a little better next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. Come on, fall!!!

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