Jo’s Grand Adventure…

I have another friend who is trying her hand at blogging! Jo Ann is my adventurous friend in Louisiana who continues to inspire me by trying new things and pushing the boundaries on who she is as a woman and a human being. Enjoy her story of her latest adventure and be inspired yourself.


Today I have a guest blogger… My wife Jo Ann!  Saturday we participated in the Big River Regional Paddle, a 13 miler down the Mississippi River.  After we were done, Jo decided she wanted to write a blog about her experience.  Although I might be a little biased, I think she did a great job! So, here it is:

My Day On The Mighty Mississip

About 2 months ago I was sitting at home feeling kind of sorry for myself. My husband (and partner in crime), Robbie, was at summer camp with our Boy Scout Troop. I had chosen to stay at home for several reasons, the main one being that we were dog sitting and the visiting dogs and our dogs didn’t get along … at all. So I was sitting at home watching all of the neat things going on in Facebook World. I was ready to get…

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One Comment on “Jo’s Grand Adventure…

  1. Thank you Sharon for sharing this. Get it. Lol. I think I will leave the writing to you and Robbie. Just let me tag along on some of your adventures. And again .. Thank you for getting me out of my box.

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