Sunday Evening Check-In

Me and my friend Missy at the Tulane-SLU Game yesterday.
Me and my friend Missy at the Tulane-SLU Game yesterday.

What a great weekend! Well, the Lions lost last night which was a huge bummer, but the game was fun, and I loved walking around Tulane University in New Orleans. I’d never been there, and it was much more beautiful than I’d anticipated. Yulman Stadium is beautiful and modern, but the concession stands need to find a better way to manage crowds. My friend Ray and I decided to get junk food for the group, and we waited in line almost the entire 2nd quarter for some mediocre wings and chicken tenders. The fries were good, and I’d love to say the hot dog was good, but Ray ate all of it before I could even get a bite.

The Game … Click on photos for captions!!

It was an absolutely lovely evening sitting in the stands. A cool front had passed through, and, for the first time, I actually needed a light covering because I got chilly. I guess I’ve acclimated to this sweltering climate because 73 with a breeze felt chilly. When I walked Ashok after getting home at midnight, she walked out the door and started sniffing the air since the usually stifling humidity was not filtering through her nostrils. She started jumping and sniffing. It was hilarious. “I feel the same way,” I said. It felt nice this morning, too, and I worked on my computer outside at Starbucks until it started heating up again at around 11 AM. Ashok and I met a fabulous inspiring woman from Houston who had just gone through a divorce from her husband of 34 years. She looked amazing and seemed to be coping like a rock star. I shared my blog card, and I hope she’ll pay a visit soon.

My Starbucks friend, Nancy
My Starbucks friend, Nancy

The heat was back by this afternoon. I leashed up Ashok to take a walk down by the levee thinking it was going to feel much more comfortable. I quickly realized that whatever respite we had last night wasn’t around at 5:30 PM this afternoon. It was sweltering, but I got a walk in anyway. I felt like I’d been ripped off of the cooler weather that everyone had been raving about. I wouldn’t call that cool. I would call it less intense.  One of our party almost passed out yesterday afternoon because of the heat. We had to get her to lay down on the ground and apply cold compresses. I don’t know why they have outdoor tailgates for football – or even why they have football – down here until it gets cooler. I’ve spent more time sweating the last few weeks than I have been feeling comfortable, and it’s been rainy. If we’re going to have football anyway, maybe we should just be realistic and wear swimsuits. Let’s make it a beach party with a football theme. We could have little kiddy pools where people could cool off and beach umbrellas for the sun sensitive.

I napped this afternoon because I was beat after some lost sleep last week and my late night last night. I’ll be traveling this week for work, so I made a dinner of nothing but veggies and tofu to give me extra nutrition in anticipation of the crappy food I’ll get in restaurants. I roasted onions and a chunked baking potato in olive oil and topped it with sauteed tofu, onions and poblano pepper. It was very tasty, and Ashok waited anxiously to lick the bowl. That girl loves tofu. She’s also taken to eating raw baking potatoes with the same enthusiasm as she has with sweet potatoes. She walks over to the basket in the kitchen, takes one out, carries it into the living room and munches on it like it’s a bone. She’s quite the little canine vegetarian.


Today was my favorite day of the month. I looked in the mailbox, and the new Runner’s World was staring back at me. While my potatoes were roasting I read about half of the newly designed magazine. This issue has recipes for homemade energy bars designed by chefs who have lost tons of weight by eating healthier and running. Marc Parent wrote about discovering headlamps for running and how much safer they make winter running. I think I may have to go shopping. The other evening I went for a run, and it was dark before I got back. It won’t be long now until there is no light before or after work. It will blessedly be cooler. I got all of my runs in this week, and completed a 7-miler Saturday. This week I increase to 8 miles on Sunday. I’m back in training! Y’all have a great week and try to eat something healthy tomorrow. You are worth it!

Relaxing with the fur babies at last! (That’s Bella sleeping above the pillow.)



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