Embracing my Dark Side .. Black Panther


The last time i posted one of my Medicine Card readings, my friend Jascia asked me which card in the deck is the one I want to draw. I didn’t really know because I haven’t read them all, but my mind immediately went to the last one in the deck, the Black Panther. For some reason, I felt the last card in the deck would be similar to the end of the book, the finish of the project, the icing on the cake or the key to my new house. Imagine my surprise this morning when the Black Panther made its way into my cards.

The reading talks about an endangered Black Panther who lives in the land of the Caddo tribe, which, ironically, is the name of my street here in Baton Rouge. The Caddo Indians are a tribe of Native Americans who lived in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. So I felt a connection with the Black Panther immediately. The animal is nocturnal and black in color. It is very comfortable being alone. The Medicine Cards say that black is a revered color to the red-skinned people because they consider the darkness to be the place where we all connect spiritually and explore our dark sides. In fact, the Black Panther card encourages me today to embrace the unknown. “Darkness is the place for seeking and finding answers, for accepting healings and for accessing the hidden light of truth,” the reading explains. It appears that I pulled a very powerful card today.


I looked up the Black Panther in Louisiana just to see if they still roam this area, and it seems that there are sightings every now and then. However, the follow-up articles on most seem to concur that these are large house cats that people mistake for a panther. The news report below features a sighting that later turned out to be a large cat just like my Buster kitty.


The Chinese herbs I’ve been taking are simply amazing me. I am sleeping like a dead person almost EVERY night, and I have absolutely no anxiety even though I have a lot going on. That is so unusual for me. My acupuncturist tells me that I will take these for about 3 months and then we’ll start to reduce the dosage. In Chinese medicine, the treatment should heal the problem. It is not intended that the treatment be taken for the long term. We’ll see how it goes. But, I haven’t been anxious, and I haven’t been depressed in a few weeks. That is a welcome miracle for this girl.

I’m a bit mesmerized by this Black Panther’s face on my medicine card. Her eyes are drawing me in with a promise that there is a path to healing in the darkness. Perhaps there is something to this Native American Medicine where animal archetypes are available to God to guide us along our path. I have used these cards for fun and food for thought for about 14 years. When I’m going through any kind of challenge, I’ve noticed that certain cards keep coming up over and over again. When that phase of my life is done, I may never see that card again in my daily draw. I feel sad that so many animals that once existed don’t even walk the planet anymore, or, if they do, their species is endangered. Us two-leggeds have often let our fear and arrogance kill off so much that was placed here by God from the very beginning. What kind of trade off is it to have a Taco Bell on every corner when we could have Black Panthers roaming wild to remind us that our dark side illuminates the path to God? We’ve ripped our own selves off. I would love to spend one day back in the times when spirituality was believed to be carried in the essence of the very creatures that God made.

Happy Friday, y’all. Have a great weekend. By the way, I’ve had a couple of readers ask where to buy the cards. I bought them at a gift shop in St. Joseph MI, but you can buy them on Amazon here.

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