Sunday Night Check-In: Love This Weather!


What a great weekend! The new weather snuck up on me. Friday at lunch I walked out the door and was blown away by the light airy feel of a Louisiana day without 100% humidity. I felt like I’d been set free, and I’m happy to report that it lasted the entire weekend. I already feel like myself again. It only took a couple of days without the oppressive drape of humidity for me to feel lighter and happier. I ran my 8-miler this morning on the levee, and it felt so different to run and BREATHE at the same time. I felt amazing. I actually smiled and waved at the fellow exercisers this morning and the leftover LSU fans over by Tiger Stadium. They weren’t smiling … but I was.

Sitting Outside Downtown Today

I ran out Friday night and got fall root vegetables to cook this weekend. At my local produce market, the bin said watermelons, but it was filled with pumpkins. It seemed that it had turned into fall over the period of a week. Now…… it’s hardly fall. It was still 90 degrees today, but I was able to sit outside in the shade from noon – 2 PM without turning into a soaking wet mess. Ashok was back to herself too. She came out and sat with me in the chaise lounge instead of hiding under the bed like she has for the past 3 months. The cats didn’t seem to care about the shift in temperature, but Ashok and I were BACK!! We even took a long walk downtown yesterday at 3 PM.


Yesterday morning I woke up and realized my hip pain from last fall was back. I was so pissed. As soon as I’ve started increasing my mileage, my muscles are tightening up, and that ever-loving pain is back, too. I got up and decided to start doing some stretches every morning in the hopes of loosening it up. I’m also continuing the MYRTL routine I do, but, instead of just doing it after runs, I’m going to do it every morning. I need a pre-emptive strike on this. I was reading my new Runner’s World, and a reader had written in asking what to do about tight calves. The Runner’s World expert suggested she do some stretches and use arnica cream on them. I remembered that I had some arnica gel that my acupuncturist had recommended for something a long time ago. She told me it was great for bruises and muscle pain. It apparently works a little like acupuncture in that it gets energy moving wherever it is placed. I applied it to the tight muscle area a couple of times yesterday, and, by the time I went to bed, I had no pain at all. It had been about an 8 on a scale of 1-10 earlier in the day. Now it was completely gone!! An internet tip suggested putting it on tight muscles before I ran, too. So, I did that this morning. I had a pain-free run, and my muscles weren’t nearly as tight when I stretched after my run. I ran out to Whole Foods and got a tube of the cream this afternoon. I’m sold! I called my parents and told them to get some for their arthritis. Supposedly it’s great for arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis. I’m wondering if it will cure wrinkles, and Momma’s hoping it’s great for weight loss. We’ll keep you posted on the amazing arnica potion.


This evening I roasted my fall vegetables, and Ashok shared in the bounty getting a few chunks of rutabaga, beets, sweet potato and butternut squash. I threw a bunch of garlic cloves in there too. I’m sauteeing the last of the fish I caught on my fishing trip this summer. I can’t wait to eat. It smells amazing in my little mid-city bungalow. I turned the AC down to be really cool, and I’m covered up with a little blanket. I don’t care if it’s not really fall outside. It’s fall in my living room. If I had a fireplace, I’d fire that baby up, too. Momma and Daddy are on their way home signaling the end of their summer siesta in New Mexico. Life will be back to normal for everybody in a few days. Oh, yeah…. I bought some organic pears at Trader Joe’s. I think I’ll bake them up with some cinnamon and balsamic vinegar this week. It’s not pie, but it is the taste of fall. Have a great week, y’all!

A Little Fall Cartoon (Thanks for sharing, Lisa!)



One Comment on “Sunday Night Check-In: Love This Weather!

  1. I’m definitely trying that arnica cream, especially since I’m currently spending $80 a pop going to physical therapy and have already been 7 times!

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