Facebook Withdrawal: Like… Like… Like


I’ve now been Facebook-deceased for over 24 hours. I’m not sure if the Facebook world misses me, but I don’t really miss it yet. In fact, I’ve had a phenomenal day. I noticed that I habitually have a desire to post pics on Facebook. For instance, this morning on my run there was a super-fabulous morning sky. I missed having a place to share it. Then I thought I’d just have to share it with Ashok. She didn’t really seem to appreciate it all that much, but now I can share it with you.


I met a friend for coffee this morning, and she’s never been on Facebook. I told her my news, and she responded like many people have responded. It seems when you get off Facebook, you’ve done something really big that a certain segment of the population admires. I’ve heard ‘congratulations’, ‘wow, that’s big’, and many varied renditions of ‘I’ve been wanting to get off it, too’. Beth and I had a great breakfast at the Magpie Cafe on Perkins, and I had the most amazing fresh peach scone I’ve ever put in my mouth. I didn’t intend to eat a scone for breakfast, but the person in front of me ordered one, and it looked so amazing, I had to have it. It was worth every calorie and then some.

The amazing Magpie Cafe Peach scone.
The amazing Magpie Cafe Peach scone.

I headed over to my Watson friends’ Shelly and Don’s house to visit with them and their son, Chris. They are extremely interesting people, and I found out today that Chris is also a phenomenal cook. He prepared an Italian salad with roasted tomatoes and peppers, roasted baby potatoes and some roasted cauliflower that dragged me back for a huge second helping of everything. They live on the Amite River, and, after lunch, Don came in from a spin out on the river and announced that the black-eyed susan’s and a bunch of other wildflowers were in full bloom. That caught my attention, and I said I wanted to go. “Do you mind riding on my tractor?” he asked. “Of course not!” I exclaimed, “I think your tractor’s sexy!” With that, we took off for a one mile spin around the place with Ashok chasing after us the entire way. It was beautiful out, and the flowers were simply amazing.

I intended to go home for a nap, but I decided to head over to my parent’s place in Pierre Part for dinner and the night. They just got home this week from their summer adventure in Red River NM. It’s been a long hot summer with very little adventure and very little desire on my part to get outside. Since I was having such a great day, I couldn’t imagine holing up in my house for the evening. Ashok seemed as excited as I was to be having a long and adventurous day. It was just like old times.

Don’s Amazing Tractor Tour (Click on the photos for captions.)


I’ve been exploring Twitter as a social networking site, and I’ve started using Google Hangouts with some of my friends. Previously, I had secret pages with them on Facebook, but with my Facebook demise, those spaces have disappeared. Hangouts appears to be working for sharing pics and daylong conversations. I’ve already caught up with a few friends on Twitter, and I hope to find some more. Apparently, if I start to use it more, Twitter will help me start building my network. I’m looking forward to trying something new. For more info on using Twitter, see this tutorial.

The thing I miss the most about Facebook is not having that ‘like’ button. I wish we had a ‘like’ button in real life. I’ve been joking with my friends and texting ‘like’ after our interchanges to keep me in the Facebook loop. My girlfriend complimented me this morning, and I told her I needed it since I wasn’t on Facebook anymore. She laughed and pointed her finger at me as if she was clicking a button. “Like, like, like,” she said. There’s just something therapeutic about being able to easily acknowledge when something is good, especially when that something is me.

Pierre Part Fun

In the beginning, Facebook helped me expand my network. For the past few months as I’ve weaned myself off it, I’ve started to wonder if now it’s hampering the growth of my network. Sure, I had over 700 friends when I pressed that ‘deactivate’ button yesterday. But, do they really know me like my friend Beth does? What if the time I spent vicariously viewing acquaintances’ lives was taking me away from spending time with people who really want to know me better and making memories like I did today riding that tractor along the river? Only time will tell, but I feel good about my move. I spent all yesterday afternoon talking with friends via other avenues besides Facebook. It was fun. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder. All I can say is today was a beautiful day. I have no complaints…. LIKE…. LIKE…. LIKE.


15 Comments on “Facebook Withdrawal: Like… Like… Like

  1. 😀 (I’m trying to copy that “LIKE” icon, and it’s not working. But hopefully it’s the thought that counts.

    • I think you’d just have to login and click to remember your credentials. For awhile I didn’t require a login, but I got too many anonymous commenters.

    • I just checked it. Just log in as a WordPress user with your credentials and check ‘keep signed in’. It would probably kick you out if you didn’t stop by every 60 days or so, but that should work. You can also log in via FB, too. If you are logged into Facebook, it should fill everything right in.

  2. That sounds like an amazing day! Not just like, LOVE! I want some of that salad and that peach scone.

  3. I made the decision a couple weeks ago to remove facebook from my phone. I can only access it by iPad, which is always at home or by laptop. I haven’t missed it too much at all! Glad you and Ashok had a great day yesterday!!

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