We’re all Champions … and Glad to be Back!

Southland Conference Champion - Check out that ring!
Southland Conference Champion – Check out that ring!

Today was a magical day. I wasn’t expecting it. I had a 9-miler to run this morning. I knew the temps had dropped last night, so when I woke up and let Ashok out, I knew it was going to be nice for my run. I went round and round about whether or not I should take Ashok running with me. She had run a 7 miler the last time I ran long, and she did fine, but I wasn’t sure how she’d do with 9 miles. She’s run up to 20 miles with me in Memphis, but the really long ones were always in the winter, and we had plenty of stops along the way. I run/walk, so it’s not like she’s really running the whole way. We get lots of breaks, and it’s practically a fast walk for her. She was so excited when I started grabbing my running gear, I decided to give it a try.

We ran downtown. I started out in Spanish Town, ran around the capitol, headed up Lafayette Street to the Old State Capitol and hit the levee to run towards LSU. It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day with low humidity. The wind was pretty fierce, and, unfortunately, I had it to my back on the way out. I was working hard coming back with the wind pushing against me, and I was cold. Ashok did great. I could tell she was in the zone with me all the way to the end. I felt amazing when I was done. I haven’t felt that good after a run in a really long time. I wasn’t wrung out from trying to breathe water, and I had no hip pain.

I got dressed in my new pink top and headed over the Hammond for the Southeastern game. The 3 o’clock kickoff pitted my Lions against the Demons of Northwestern Louisiana. I’m not sure if I’d want to be on a team that had Demons as a mascot. The American Farmhouse Restaurant which is owned by a former Southeastern quarterback catered the tailgate party, and it was fabulous. It was a perfect day to stand around, share some good food with some old friends and go to a football game.


We were supposed to wear pink for Breast Cancer month. I went shopping on Thursday and got a tie-dyed pink shirt. I think the pink thing was  a bit of a bust because only about 20% of the crowd wore pink, but it was fun just the same. The players had pink socks and pink gloves. I thought it added a bit of fun to their uniforms. The first half of the game was really close, and Southeastern eeked out two field goals as they broke for halftime with score 6-0. A small fight broke out on the field before the teams went to their bunkers, and I think it may have sparked some extra energy for the second half. The last game I went to was Tulane, and my Lions had an off night. Nothing went right. Well, this afternoon, that all turned around. The Lions intercepted on the second play of the second half and ran it all the way back for a touchdown… and we were off and running. The second half had just about ever exciting element I can think of for a football game. Interceptions, fumbles, fights on the field, touchbacks called back for unsportsmanlike conduct, kickoffs run back to the 7 yard line and and blocked kicks kept me biting my nails the entire game. The Lions were up 30-8 at one point in third quarter, and, by the fourth quarter, the score was 30-22. OMG … the game was up for grabs. A lot of people left when we were up 30-8, and they missed a helluva ballgame after they went home. Lions win their first Southland Conference game 30-22.

The Game

The Lions looked like the champions they were last year. What I love about this team is they are so fun to watch. They aren’t perfect, but they have heart. You never know what is going to happen, and pretty much everything that can happen does. I’ve never been much of a football fan, but they make a Saturday night come to life. And, they are classy guys. After the games, they go over to the student section and the band plays the alma mater. Then, they all file by the home stand side and high-five the fans. It’s great to see their faces and tell them how great they played. It’s one of the coolest things about this smaller college game. I still think Southeastern Football in Strawberry Stadium is the best entertainment around. A friend of mine was telling me the other day that they don’t allow the regular ticket-holders at LSU to bring in or buy alcohol. Well, everybody drinks in Strawberry Stadium. They sell beer until the third quarter. There’s just all kinds of reasons to drive over to Hammond to catch the game.

Classy Team – After the Game

Today was a day to remember in my little neck of the woods. I’m back. Ashok’s back. The Lions are back. Gretchen is back. My run was so phenomenal, and I felt really happy today. To top it all off, my hair looked great. With low humidity and cooler temps, there was no frizz … only curl. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, then you don’t have a clue about curly hair. I’m just sayin’. It was a banner hair day. Ashok seemed to have no problem after her 9-miler, and she had a great nap during the game at Gretchen’s. Gretchen has been eating clean for 6 weeks, and she seemed to be in high spirits today. If there had been a fight on the field after the game, I know she’d have been out there in it. She was in rare form. The Lions win… and win in that beautiful fun way that yanked on my heart last year. I met one of the players wearing his conference ring before the game. Holy cow,.. or holy lion maybe … that ring is a weapon. I couldn’t believe how huge and glittery it was. I hope they all get another one this year. In fact, I wish me, Ashok and Gretchen got rings today, too. We’re all champions in our own little way!!

It was a great hair day!
It was a great hair day!

Speaking of coming back…. the next home game is Homecoming. If you are a former Lion or you just want to have a great family-friendly Saturday night, come on out on October 18. I can pretty much guarantee a fun time… especially if beer does anything for your mood. Lion Up, Y’all!

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  1. Love this blog!! Your hair definitely looks awesome! Looking forward to Homecoming! And, seeing you and a of our lion family!! ❤️

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