Sunday Night Check-In: Pudding, Trader Joe’s and Laziness

I can actually open my windows!

I was beat today. I went to bed about 10 last night and woke up about 7 AM. It’s unusual for me to sleep that late, but I felt really sleepy even after I got up to walk Ashok. I went back to bed and laid there for another hour before I got up to make some tea and oatmeal. I was thrilled that it’s cool enough to sleep without the AC and to have oatmeal for breakfast. My tea didn’t wake me up, and I sat like a slug on my chaise lounge with my animals until about 11 AM. I decided to get dressed and head over to Starbucks to at least sit outside in the sun for awhile. I had a pumpkin scone and a decaf mocha. They have re-formulated the scones, and they are much better.


Nothing seemed to help. I felt like going back to sleep all day. I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and got my vegetables and staples for the week. My stomach – which is usually made of lead – was messed up after yesterday’s run. I was thirsty all day, and I couldn’t quit drinking water. Then, I had to pee about a million times. Meanwhile, my stomach did not feel right. It continued in that vein this morning alongside some nasal congestion. I just felt off. I drank some kefir for my tummy, and I decided to load up on some healthy food tonight. I roasted some brussels sprouts, onions, edamame, sweet peppers, cherry heirloom tomatoes and garlic in pesto and olive oil. I served it over some garlicky quinoa and topped it all with a tiny bit of cheese and some pumpkins seeds. It was really good.. yummy and garlicky. I had a sweet tooth, so I decided to make some black rice pudding for dessert.

Dinner (Click or hover over pics for captions.)

When I was in Trader Joe’s earlier today, I had discovered some coconut cream that sounded delicious. I didn’t have any use for it, so I didn’t buy it. But, when I looked up the recipe for black rice pudding it called for coconut milk. Mmmmmmm….. maybe that coconut cream would be really yummy on top of that pudding along with the cooked apples I made today. I put the rice on to boil, and I headed back to Trader Joe’s. I was telling the young woman at the checkout what I was making, and she suggested that I try their new pumpkin pie spice. They are having an amazing pumpkin promotion right now. They have pumpkin breakfast bars, pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin cheerios, pumpkin kringle and about 500 other pumpkin-flavored items. I had picked up some pumpkin breakfast bars for my pre-workout snacks earlier. There was a line behind me, and she sold me on the pumpkin pie spice. They actually brought it to me and then my checkout friend really kindly said, “This is on us.” I love that store. I’d made two trips in two hours, and I couldn’t wait to go back after being treated like that.

Pumpkin Fest at Trader Joe’s – This was only about half of what they had!

I made my black rice pudding, and my house smells amazing with that pumpkin pie spice. To make black rice pudding, you take 1 cup of black rice (I use forbidden rice from Whole Foods) and and boil it in 3 cups of water for about 45 minutes. There will be some water left. You add 1/2 cup of sugar ( I used coconut sugar to stick with the coconut theme.), 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk and a tiny bit of salt. I used about 1 cup of coconut milk and 1/2 cup of that coconut cream. That stuff is so creamy and thick it looks like white paint in the can. I was eating it with a spoon. I think I’ll add a little cane syrup and top the pudding with it a little later. You simmer the rice, sugar and coconut milk uncovered for about 30 minutes or until it’s thick and gooey. Let it cool and serve it cold or room temperature. I like puddings a little warm, so I’ll grab some in a minute and show you a pic.

Black Rice Pudding

I got a lot done today even with my laziness. I got my house cleaned and made meals and snacks for tomorrow. I took Ashok for a short walk earlier, but she did get a little shorted in that area today. Yesterday, we both did double-duty with our 9-mile run, so I think it’s okay. The weather is going to be in the low 80s all week with a string of days in the 70s starting on Friday. I cannot wait. I am a happy camper. Trader Joe’s pumpkin fest came at the perfect time. With my very special pumpkin pie spice, I’ll be having pumpkin flavored everything! Besides, pumpkin with it’s beautiful orange color is very healthy and loaded with beta-carotene! Too bad I didn’t buy any real pumpkin! They did have some. I actually love to throw a scoop of fresh cooked pumpkin in my oatmeal to add some veggies to my morning meal. Don’t use canned though. It tastes tinny.

I hope my good mood continues throughout the week, and I hope you have a fabulous week, too! By the way, this pudding is delicious… top it with cooked apples, Trader Joe’s coconut cream and toasted pecans. Yummy! I didn’t even have to add the cane syrup.



2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Pudding, Trader Joe’s and Laziness

  1. I’m thinking you should open a “Heathy Eating” Resteurant in DS….. All these concoctions you come up with sound good!!!!! LOL

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