Happy Stinkin’ Monday, Y’all!


I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I needed to go for a run, but I didn’t. I had trouble waking up, and I ended up taking Ashok for an hour walk. It’s good exercise, but I needed to run. To start off my week behind on my exercise schedule is not ideal. I started to brush my teeth and realized I had a cold sore. I rarely get them anymore, and I used to keep some oral medication around for when they appeared. But, I haven’t had any outbreaks since I’ve been here so I haven’t gotten a new prescription. I’m sure my run and my long day on Saturday wrecked my immune system, so I was vulnerable for a Herpes Simplex Virus breakout. Ugh… I’ve been using my essential oils on it, but it’s a pretty bad one. I’m not looking forward to this.


I felt off all weekend and this morning was no exception. I got my cards out and pulled the Skunk card. Really? Figures I’d pull it on a stinkin’ Monday. The little critter will feel right at home. I muttered to myself about what a rotten draw this was, but then I remembered there is no bad animal medicine. I got curious about the message the skunk had for me for this stinkin’ day that was already stinking pretty bad. Apparently, skunks are respected because they have a nasty reputation. They get to have a lot of fun and play because other animals give them a wide berth. They have a REPUTATION. Skunk says to carry yourself in a way that shows others that you respect yourself. The little black and white critter urges me to walk my walk and talk my talk in order to create a position of strength and honored reputation. Well, that’s not so bad. And skunk medicine people apparently are very charismatic. By being strong and assertive in who they are, they attract the very people that they want to attract. It’s efficient. The people who are not attracted to someone like me will give me a wide berth. I won’t have to mess around with their stinkin’ drama. I can deal with that.

It was hot and humid again today. It wasn’t August hot and humid, but it was still hot enough that I was daydreaming about the coolness of Saturday. I made a big effort to take care of myself today since I wasn’t feeling on my game. I cooked yesterday, so I ate really well today. I made a smoothie for a morning snack with that Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice, cottage cheese, baked apple chunks and coconut milk. It was really creamy and tasted like a pumpkin shake. It was very filling, too. I couldn’t even drink the whole thing in the morning. I spread it out through the day. I had a nice lunch of last night’s leftovers on my front porch. For dinner, I cooked a veggie burger in some coconut oil and roasted cauliflower and potatoes. But even all of that healthy eating didn’t fix my stinkin’ energy level. I did not feel well enough after work to go do the Monday night workout class that I usually enjoy. So, I was a lazy bum all around in the exercise department all day. In that area, it was a stinkin’ Monday. I came home and did a 45-minute yoga nidra instead. It felt like great self-care. And I got up smelling like roses.

OMG ... you farted???
OMG … you farted??? That’s disgusting.

While I was preparing my cauliflower tonight, Ashok was standing by for her treats. She loves veggies because that’s almost all she gets in this house, and, when I chop veggies, she gets the ends and the cores. She crunched on her cauliflower while I chopped. A few minutes ago I sat down to write, and she was sitting in front of me. She farted,  jumped up and looked around to see who shot her, I guess. Bella’s face was priceless. Even on a stinkin’ Monday, I can find something to make me laugh.

This stinkin’ Monday is almost over, y’all. Have a good week.




4 Comments on “Happy Stinkin’ Monday, Y’all!

  1. Your animals must be a source of constant entertainment. Poor Ashok, I laughed out loud.

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