Ashok Tried to Kill Me and Other Sordid Tuesday Tales

Portrait of a Killer

Well, I must say I’m thrilled with the change of weather today. I’m wrapped up in my gray hoodie and my yoga pants, and I am a happy camper. I had some pumpkin soup for dinner that made me feel like I’d been transported to middle Tennessee. It was warm and rich and just a tad spicy. I paired it with some chipotle cheese that I’d gotten at Trader Joe’s. I must say that it took me awhile to get attached to Trader Joe’s this time around, but I’m hooked now. The quality and selection of their unique offering is outstanding when you consider its low price tag.

I ran this morning. I actually ran intervals for over 3 miles without dying or drowing in the humidity. Ashok almost killed me, though. There’s a couple that walks their dogs every morning. The lady has two of those white snippy snappy obnoxious dogs that bark and lunge and run around trying to ‘get’ Ashok. My dog is not very dog-friendly, and it takes everything I have to keep her calm while all of that nonsense is going on. It irritates me that I’m working so hard to keep my dog contained, and they don’t do anything to keep their dogs out of my space. Well, I was running and intent on hitting my mark, and I got too confident about Ashok’s composure. She darted out in front of me to lunge at the little snipper snappers, and I fell right over the top of her. I got away with a skinned knee and a bruised ego, so I’m lucky. It’s not the first time she’s tripped me, and the last time was much worse. She never even said she was sorry.

I’m making plans for my holidays. I have the week off between Christmas and New Year’s, and last year’s stint at home was as miserable as I can ever remember. I promised myself that I would do something different this year. One thought is to have a stay-cation and actually get out and do things in New Orleans or take a trip down south to Fuchon or Venice or Grand Isle. I haven’t checked off those bucket list items. The other thought is to rent a little house in Bay St. Louis or some other scenic low-key area where I can take long walks everyday and chill with my girl. I thought of going to the mountains, but I’m afraid it might be too cold or snowy to get out much, and I need the exercise to keep the blues away during the holidays. At any rate, I’m looking forward to making some plans and having some fun this season.

I met my friend Beth at Whole Foods for a chat outside right after work. It was sunny and cool, and the company was great. Ashok came with me, and the lady that sat next to us was astounded as to how good she was.  For a dog that tried to kill me this morning, she was exceptionally sweet and patient this evening. I know she wonders why I like to talk so much. Sometimes I wonder why I like to talk so much. I guess it the E in the ENFP. My friend Beth is also an ENFP, and we can hardly ever break away from each other because our conversations flow so freely. We meander all over the place, and we say “I have to go in a minute” about 15 times before we actually ever start leaving. I love friendships like that. It’s so easy that it feels like we’ve known each other all of our lives. I’ve only known her for about 6 months although we met initially over a year ago. I guess with the same personality makeup, we have sort of known each other all of our lives.

It’s been a fairly pleasant day with lots of interactions with a lot of different people. That’s the way I like it. There was not enough chocolate, though. I may have to remedy that tomorrow. I know one thing. I’m going to have more of that pumpkin soup tomorrow. That stuff was really good. And just think of all that orange nutrition I’m getting in each creamy bowl. Oh, yeah, and it’s Homecoming at Southeastern this weekend! Ill get to see lots of old friends in this fabulous weather. That is truly something to look forward to. Lion up, Y’all! Homecoming is almost here!

2 Comments on “Ashok Tried to Kill Me and Other Sordid Tuesday Tales

  1. I’ve missed Ashok. She doesn’t look like a killer, but appearances can be deceiving. (BTW, I’m with you on the subject of yippy yappy little ankle-biters, as my husband calls them).

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