Sunday Night Check-In: Feeling Supported

Me and my friend Mary Beth at homecoming.
Me and my friend Mary Beth at homecoming.

It’s still too hot. I sweated all day on Saturday at my college’s homecoming game. The first quarter of the game, I had to take off my shoes and roll up my jeans in order to keep from fainting. I felt like the air wasn’t moving, and I couldn’t breathe. Finally a breeze kicked in, and I was much more comfortable for the rest of the game, but I dearly wish I’d opted for shorts and a t-shirt for a homecoming football game. It’s not right, I tell you. It’s just not right.

Me and Gretchen at the game
Me and Gretchen at the game

I got my 10-miler in on Saturday and felt great. Ashok only got to do 3 miles with me because of the heat, but I managed to get the rest in and still felt full of energy for the game. My energy started to dip about the end of the third quarter, but with a bonfire to attend, I pulled myself through like a trooper. Lion’s win 41-24 against Central Arkansas. It was an exciting, heart-stopping game which I’ve come to enjoy. I love this team. And, quite a few of my old friends made journeys from across the south to be there. Ken and Lisa came from Houston and Mary Beth and Randy came over from north Florida. A newcomer to the reunion group was Johnny who came over from Forth Worth. Russell and Pam took the short jump from Mississippi to Hammond. And, of course, there were the usual local suspects as well. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was a day and evening full of good food, good friends and good football. I got back to Baton Rouge about 2 AM and slept until 11 AM this morning.

Homecoming Fun

I discovered a new gathering place just a mile or so away from me called The Red Shoes. They hold workshops, yoga, meditations and various types of circles for women especially, but men are welcome, too. I went to a workshop there Friday which dovetails with my Medicine Cards, and I attended a prayer circle tonight. I met some fabulous women, some of them in their 90s. Smart, open-minded, spiritual and active, I came away from both events inspired and feeling supported. I’d say that if this weekend had a ‘word of the weekend’ it would be supported. I felt supported and encouraged spiritually, socially, physically and professionally.

Are you ever getting out of bed?
Are you ever getting out of bed?

After a day of running errands and taking care of business for my weekday meals, I met my brother and his family for yogurt. I ended the weekend on a happy, light-hearted note. I set some hard boundaries with some people last week, and I really needed a weekend that supported me as an individual. When I set boundaries, I really feel good about taking care of myself, but I still often have lingering ‘afterburn’ where I worry that I did the wrong thing or did something that might hurt someone else or make them mad. I’m feeling a little of that right now. I have to acknowledge how difficult it is to speak up for things I need even with people who don’t understand. I need to be gentle with myself around my people-pleasing tendencies and realize that if I let my life be governed by whether or not other people would approve, it’s actually not my life. I’m a big girl and have to figure out how to adapt to others’ needs. They’ll have to adapt to mine. For the moment, I’m feeling okay about that. Besides, I have a pumpkin and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven. It’s going to be a delicious autumn week.

Have a great week, y’all. Take care of yourself even if you have to do some hard things. You are worth it.

My niece and nephew playing with Ashok
My niece and nephew playing with Ashok

2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Feeling Supported

  1. Reading Your post makes me excited to see you on Friday. Looking forward to catching up on so many things. Have a great week!!! xo


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