Healing for Heart Palpitations


Ever since I had the paramedics out for my faux heart attack panic attack three weeks ago, I’ve been having consistent heart palpitations. I know they are not dangerous because I’ve had them infrequently in the past, and my doctor says they are just related to anxiety. But, they are worrisome. I feel this small tightness in my chest, and I can feel my heart beating all over the place… skipping a beat … fluttering … straining. I’d rather not be aware of how my heart is doing. I’d rather it just keep on ticking… no news is good news.

I’ve tried everything to reduce my anxiety thinking that would reduce my palpitations. My acupuncturist can minimize it, but it still keeps happening. Meditation doesn’t seem to help. I lay on the floor and can feel my heart beating in an odd way. I’m drinking herbal teas, taking magnesium, using my Chinese herbs and using essential oils such as Frankincense and lavender to no avail. My anxiety level is okay  – not great – but livable, but the palpitations continue. I got really frustrated Tuesday night, and I googled ‘heart palpitations natural cures’ before I went to bed. The search came up with this link:

I watched it and laughed. Really? If I put my fingers a certain way it’s going to stop my palpitations. I know how great mudras are for meditation, but I’ve never used them for anything health-related. I was laying in bed with my heart palpitating and I thought I might as well try it. Much to my surprise, the palpitations stopped in about 30 seconds. My mouth was hanging open as my fingers were still wrapped in the unusual mudra. I couldn’t believe it. I had tried all of that stuff and this is what worked! They even have a Facebook page for this mudra, and they say it can help all kinds of heart conditions.

They came back intermittently yesterday, but as soon as I used the mudra they disappeared. Another video I watched said an Epsom salt bath stopped her three-year bout with hear palpitations. So, I tried that last night. I got the same remarkable results, and I have had very little palpitation action today. I’m hopefully back on track with a regular heartbeat for awhile. But, I have tools now that will help me if I need a little extra support in that area. And, according to all of the other benefits offered by Epsom salt baths, I think I’m going to have one at least once or twice a week in my clawfoot tub. It’s certainly an enjoyable practice, and it helps my joints, anxiety and palpitations, too.

My co-worker, Rhonda, doing the heart mudra and getting her blood pressure checked.

I’ve shared my mudra with my co-workers who have high blood pressure as the video said it would help with high blood pressure. We didn’t have the same stellar results as with the heart palpitations, but this person’s blood pressure was pretty high. I’m a little concerned that we’ve opened up a blood pressure clinic in my office where we’re flocking to check our blood pressure throughout the day. We left lunch today, and all three of us ladies couldn’t wait to get back to the office to put on the blood pressure cuff. My exercise keeps me in the right numbers but not all of us are so lucky. I may just have to open a stress reduction clinic in my cubicle where I’ll sell herbs, supplements, epsom salts and yoga classes. We joked around about getting facilities to install a clawfoot tub for afternoon breaks.

I can say this. I’m very grateful that there are home remedies that actually work. It turns out that Grandmas are often right about what to do for ailments. How many times have Epsom salts been recommended for stress, sore muscles and aches and pains? I never believed it would work, and I proved it by not using the 2 cups that the directions prescribed. If you use what they recommend, the stuff actually works for palpitations. I slept pretty good, too. There are some risks in using them, so take some precaution. Listen to your Grandma. She may be right about some things. And let me know if you have any success with the mudra or the salts. I’d love to hear about it!

14 Comments on “Healing for Heart Palpitations

  1. Love it!!! Epsom salt is a staple in my house. I have lavender infused, regular and eucalyptus infused. My grandmother was a firm believer in its benefits. Of course this is the same grandmother that swabbed our throats with mercurcome and insisted that we take cod liver oil tablets daily. She lived to be 94. 😄

    • Well, maybe she knew something we don’t know. I plan to take another bath tonight just for kicks. Plus, I’m watching Bull Durham which is giving me a mini-mental vacation. I may watch another comedy, too. It’s cool, and I can curl up with my babies for some cozy time. I’m taking the night off. 🙂

  2. Yes, I have been using this mudra and it works. It is important to tell people about it.

  3. I have this same feeling.. palpitation goes while keeping mudra.. but its coming back after few minutes. May b i will keep doing this

    • I had to do it consistently for awhile before it stated to go away permanently. When I’m under stress it dies come back. Meditation is helping me. Are you under stress?

  4. I’ve been ambling through your blog, and was happy to find this this entry. I only notice heart palpitations at night, and have often clutched a pillow to my chest thinking I won’t hear them as much. Will definitely load up this YouTube and give it a go. I keep a bottle of lavender essential oil next to my computer and wave it under my nose when I feel a patch of anxiety coming on. I think of the lavender that grows everywhere in my area, including my own backyard. Now, if I could only grow lilies of the field.

    • Hi Lee. I still have to work with my anxiety but I haven’t had heart palpitations in years. I hope you are doing okay.

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