Sunday Night Check-In: Football, Sleep and Gratitude


I’ve continued with sporadic Epsom Salt soaks. I took one this morning after my failed run attempt. I started to run this morning, and in pretty short order, my knee kicked up in pain. I had some pain yesterday when I was doing lunges in the weight room but hoped it was just situational. Looks like it’s going to be a catalyst to slow down my running this week. I ended up walking 6 miles instead of running 8 this AM. It was a gorgeous day, and I decided not to be disappointed in the injury. Injuries come with sports, right? I noticed several of the football players last night being iced, wrapped and otherwise treated for injuries during the game. And Jessica is sidelined right now with a meniscus injury.

The run started well….


I’m in a better frame of mind altogether since I started soaking in the Epsom Salts. It may be the placebo effect, but so what? If it’s working, it makes me happy. I slept until 7 AM Saturday morning after going to bed at 9 PM. I haven’t slept that late and that good in a long time. This morning I slept until 6:30 and then took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. After I soaked in the salts this morning, I got busy cleaning house, roasting some beets and brussels sprouts for the week ahead and making some of my famous warming ginger tea. I put clean sheets on the bed, looked at it and decided I needed to dive in. I haven’t napped like that since I got off my anti-depressants last year. I don’t want to be that sleepy everyday – which I was on the drugs – but it sure felt good today. I woke up in a happy, relaxed mood and a phone call from my peer at LSU. Seems she was worried about me the last time we met for lunch, and she wanted to check in on me. I saw her the week before the anxiety attack scare, so I guess I must have been in a pretty anxious state. She was relieved to hear that I felt a lot better. So am I.

Famous Ginger Tea – Great for inflammation and warming you up.

Take 1/2 lb. of fresh unpeeled ginger root. Chop into thin slices. Boil for 10 minutes in 1 gallon of water. Turn off heat and add 9 green tea bags (I use decaf since I drink it a lot at night.). Steep for 1 hour. Remove tea and steep ginger for another 3 hours. Makes 1 gallon of delicious tea. I serve with soy milk and honey. Yummy!

Southeastern played yesterday, and I drove over to Hammond for tailgating about noon. The game started at 3 PM, and my friend and former football player Mark cooked an amazing pastalaya. I ate heartily of the spicy dish and then commenced to eat way too much dessert. I left early in the third quarter of the game as it was a runaway. Lions whupped up on ’em, 76-7. I got home early enough to stop by Trader Joe’s for some whipped cream and milk for cocoa. I’ve never seen the place so empty. It was about time for the LSU-Alabama hearbreaker match–up to begin. A lady in front of me in the check-out (one of the 10 people in the store) was stocking up on booze for the after-party. I don’t imagine it was a very festive occasion after all. But, they probably had plenty of liquid in which to drown their sorrows.

Southeastern Tailgate Party

Trader Joe’s Dismal Saturday Night

One of my girlfriends stopped by unexpectedly and we shared a cup of cocoa and some excellent conversation. She also brought me the eye of newt I’d been looking for. She presented it to me ‘from one witch to another’. I’m thrilled to have the new ingredient so I can cast my spells. It was a great day … great weekend really. The weather was perfect and I made it a point to be really social. I even chatted up the clerk in CVS tonight about Epsom Salts. She said she’s been taking Castor Oil to help her sleep and it works like a charm. I may have to try that old remedy too. It seems all of this old stuff really works. Who needs all those pills when you can spend $5 at the drugstore and get relief?


I had a chance to clean out my magazine basket and found some old Runner’s World issues from last winter when I was injured that I hadn’t read. I couldn’t bring myself to read about running when I couldn’t run, so I just stashed ’em. One of them promises a recipe for brownies that won’t make me fat. I don’t know if I buy it. But, I’ll settle in with another cup of cocoa and my magazines to end a great day. One of the things I kept thinking about this weekend is how much I love my little bungalow in Capitol Heights. It’s the perfect size for me and with Pandora playing my yoga music playlist, it’s just as cozy as can be. I am really grateful for that. I can’t think of many of my homes that I didn’t love, but I know that I truly am grateful for this one, my two-minute commute to work, my neighborhood and my proximity to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. My house is girly and feminine, and it’s a place I can curl up and relax. And I’m really, really grateful that when something breaks, I just call Joe and he fixes it for me. I don’t miss being a homeowner at all.



Y’all have a good week. Do something relaxing and comforting on Monday so that you can look forward to it. My ex and I used to do veg nights on Mondays. We bought pizza or something to bring in and curled up in front of the TV to watch movies and play. Mondays took on a whole new flavor when we had that time together to anticipate.

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