Expecting Miracles and Synchronicities … Plugging In

This hangs above my kitchen door to remind me.

I went out of town this weekend, and I drove past a friend of mine’s exit on the interstate. I drive by there all the time, especially when I was go to and from Memphis. This time, for some reason, I felt compelled to text him and say I was ‘waving hello.’ He texted me right back and asked if I had time to stop on the way back for dinner. It sounded like a great break in a long drive, and, of course, a free home-cooked meal and a visit with him and his sweet wife.

After dinner that night, he said the oddest thing happened the night before when I texted him. He and his wife Pam were talking about this study he’s doing at his church, and he mentioned to her that he really wanted to tell me about it because he thought I’d love it. Russell is one of my blog followers, and he knows I love to study spiritual things. We don’t talk often, and even though we have each other’s phone numbers, we don’t ever text or call each other. Anyway, he and Pam were discussing how he could approach me about sharing this material. All of a sudden he gets a text from me ‘waving hi.’ Pam said his eyes got as big as saucers, and he said “That was God.” When he relayed that to me, I had to laugh because I actually was prompted to text him as opposed to Pam, and I’m not really sure why. I’d never done it before. In fact, the thought crossed my mind once, and I dismissed it as being stupid. But the urging was insistent, so I did it. Voila! It was a synchronicity.

I don’t really believe in coincidences. I’m sure they must happen from time to time, but I think it’s a lot more fun to believe things happen for a reason. I’m in a period where a lot of synchronicities are happening to me. When I feel connected spiritually or ‘in the flow’, I see synchronicities everywhere. They probably happen all the time, but if I’m disconnected, I don’t really notice or appreciate them as much. I believe that God and the spirit world communicate and interact with us all of the time. And it makes me giggle every time – if it doesn’t touch me enough to make me cry – because I take it as a reminder that I’m not doing this alone.

I love my Medicine Cards for that reason. Whether it’s a synchronicity, a message from God or just coincidence, I always get what I need to hear from those cards. A friend of mine mentioned that he thinks they are just so vague they could apply to anybody at anytime. I believe they are purposely universal. But, I believe that God helps me decipher exactly what I need to hear. They say that the Bible is called the Living Word because it is actually a living conduit for communication with God. When I read the words, I comprehend what I need to hear because the words connect God to me individually. Someone else could read the same words and get a different message or get no message at all depending on what they need to hear. I like to think of it as a plug being plugged into an electric socket. Whatever needs to be ‘turned on’ will turn on depending on it’s design. A lamp will do one thing when plugged in, and a stove will do something entirely different. The catalyst is the same.

When I got into recovery, my life was such a mess. I didn’t want to go to those stupid meetings and listen to all that talk several times a week. What kept me coming back was seeing others whose lives had taken significant turns for the better. My sponsor kept telling me, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens.” For some reason, those words were strong enough that I kept coming back for several years. I didn’t want to leave the day before the miracle happened in my life. It wasn’t a single miracle, and, in fact, I don’t know that a whole lot changed except for me. But, one day I realized the miracle had happened. I looked at the world in a whole new way. I saw synchronicities in everything. I saw more meaning in life. Everyday events were powerfully reassuring that I had a greater purpose in this world than I had imagined. My relationships became more meaningful and connected. In fact, my relationships – which were superficial at best – were now powerful spiritual connections that had the power to rock my world almost everyday.

When I talked with Russel and Pam about the study he’s been doing at church, he mentioned my propensity for groups. I love groups because of the synchronicities that happen in them. If I’m talking to God, and he needs to say something to me, there are limited pathways for him to communicate to me if I’m alone. If I’m in a group, he can speak to me through any person in that room. I have had direct answers to prayers through other people’s stories and shares. One time a person in a group spoke totally off-topic and spoke verbatim the message I had prayed for the night before. My mouth fell open when he said that he knew that was off-topic, and he didn’t know why he shared that. I did.

Today, I expect miracles to happen. Of course, on occasion, I expect big, glorious miracles to happen in unexpected ways. But, I mostly expect small miracles and synchronicities to happen all of the time. I want to stay spiritually connected and fit so that I can plug into that stuff when it’s available. Staying connected to me means being connected with people who are spiritually connected. I can also get connected by using spiritual tools like meditation, my Medicine Cards, prayer and spiritual literature as inspiration and play. I’ve seen God in animals in the forest and received gifts and blessings from rainbows and spectacular shows in the sky. Maybe I’m just creative and imagine all of this communication that goes on around me and through me. I don’t care. It’s fun, and it makes me happy. If you ask me, that’s God doing for me what I can’t do for myself. You may not plug in the same ways I do, but I urge you to continue to expect a miracle to happen. Better yet, expect a million miracles. If you look for them, they will find you. Plug in.

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