Coach Ashok Brings Me Back Into the Game

Last night I wanted to go out with my friend Jo Ann to the White Lights Event in Mid-City in Baton Rouge, so I didn’t carry through on my plan for the Reindeer Games. Life isn’t just about exercise and I wanted to enjoy the holidays. But then this morning I got up and didn’t feel like exercising either. About 3 PM I looked and Ashok and said, “I think I’m going to drop out of the Reindeer Games.”

She looked at me incredulously and said, “No, you’re NOT!!!”


She said she was going to get my bohunkus going, but first she needed a healthy snack to get her energy up and her brain focused. So, I gave her some broccoli.

Then, she made me total up my points for the week to see how far behind I was from from my goal of 25 for the week. I was at 13. So I needed 11 points in the next two days to make my goal. “That’s ridiculous,” I said. “I’m not going to kill myself exercising for those points. I’ll just start over on Monday and meet the goal next week.”


“I have the stopwatch,” she said. “We can get 6 points easy today. I figured it up.”

“6 Points!!!”, I exclaimed. “I’m not spending my day exercising.”

“Oh, yes you are!!!” she barked.

There were a couple of things Jessica posted this week that were easy points-makers. First, she was giving 3 points if you did her Reindeer Games Benchmark Video workout. It seemed short – at least shorter than the hour I’d have to normally work out to get 3 points – so I agreed. I took off and did my 1 Mile timed walk. Then I came back home for the rest of the workout.


Yesterday she posted a 1-point challenge to do a 7-minute workout that’s on a free app.


“Your lazy ass can do a 7-minute workout,” she insisted. “Get down here and do your planks.”

I downloaded the 7-Minute Workout app and followed the instructions. Ashok really enjoyed the jumping jacks and high-knee run. I only enjoyed the short duration of it.

But I still only had 4 points. Ashok decided an easy point was to cook Jessica’s One-Pot Chili recipe.

I LOVE Trader Joe’s!


“We’ll have to go to Trader Joe’s!” she exclaimed. We jumped in the car and took off.

I bought ingredients for the chili and made it and some cornbread. It was delicious and definitely worth the effort for one measly point.

Well, that was 5 points! So, now all I have to do is get one more point today. She offered a bonus point this morning for anyone who would send her a pic of our efforts in writing our workouts down on our calendars. That’s easy-peasy. I’ll sit down with my tea tonight and finish that off.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 7.37.01 PM

After all was said and done, I felt really happy that Ashok coached me back into my Reindeer spirit. I even got to enjoy my favorite dessert, cornbread with butter and cane syrup fairly guilt-free.


Buster and Ashok were very thirsty after it was all over with.


And, Bella was very hungry.


I made the comment that it was really fun that we all got to spend the afternoon together doing something healthy and that I was within 6 points of making my goal in the Reindeer Games this week thanks to Ashok.


“That was the most ridiculous display I’ve ever seen,” Bella said.



“Can we meditate now?” Buster said.


“We’re not getting a reindeer, are we?” Ashok asked. “Because I’ve got enough problems with you and these cats. I’m just sayin’.”

3 Comments on “Coach Ashok Brings Me Back Into the Game

  1. That’s beautiful and hilarious. Those dogs are such good motivators….and Miley’s about to get to try a new snack! Glad you’re back in it 🙂

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