Perseverance Pays Off: Exercise, Saving and Following Instructions

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Today was a happy day. My financial planner – my brother Terry – stopped by for our annual meeting. Of course, this was our first annual meeting since he is my new financial planner. Anyway, I was not looking forward to the bad news that I was going to starve to death if I lived too long. He actually gave me the good news that somehow I had done ‘very well’ in saving for my own retirement despite two divorces, 7 house sales and 13 moves. I have no clue how I did it. I had no plan. All I know is I started in my late 20s throwing back a little here and there, and now I’m better off than I thought I would be. Even though I won’t be rich, and I’ll have to work until I’m 65 or 67, I will be okay. I am very relieved. I even cried at my kitchen table at the huge sense of relief. I still have a few things I have to do in the future like praying that the stock market doesn’t crash and dash all of my mediocre dreams of living on vegetables and eggs until I’m 125. I also have to pray that I can get out of working for the State of Louisiana before the GPO/WEP law steals all of my hard-earned social security. But, at any rate, for the moment the crisis has subsided.

Yesterday, I went to get my diamond ring appraised. I had good news there, too. The best news was that my fitness routine has paid off and kept me from tumbling down a staircase into an early grave or, even worse, 35 years on life support. My left pump’s heel got caught on the hem of my long skirt, and I fell forward and lost my balance. Actually it was more than my balance. I was almost in mid-air with my feet totally off the steps when my quick reflexes and strong arms grabbed the stair railing. Because of all of those biceps curls and core work, I was able to pull myself up to keep from falling. It scared the hell out of me. When I got back upright, I still couldn’t get the damn heel out of the hem. I thought I was going to fall again. When all was said and done, I looked around to make sure nobody saw me, and I got in the car. I was shaking. It was a very close call.

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In the last two weeks, work has turned into quite a pleasant place, and all of the last year feels like it was a bad dream. I am so very grateful. My anxiety seems to have subsided, and my sugar withdrawal seems to have been short-lived. I’m on track to make my Reindeer Games goal, and, thankfully, this is the last week. I can go back to being a slug when I want to be without feeling like a reindeer failure. But, after my near miss yesterday, I’ll probably keep up the workouts. I’d hate to be lying in a cast somewhere tonight wishing I’d kept up with my exercise.

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I’d just like to thank Corporate America for paying me too much money for a long enough time that even I could save a few dollars to sustain me for the end of my stay here on planet earth. As an ENFP, I have no clue about money, but I did as I was told. Everybody older than me kept telling me to always put money in my 401K and never take it out. I erred once when I let a husband withdraw some money to pay off some bills. I’ll never do that again. Live and learn. And for all of you giving out advice to young women, please tell them that getting married is NOT a retirement plan. Teach them to manage their money and take care of themselves. I know too many women suffering right now because they outsourced that very important job. In a way, it’s like doing their exercises, so they are strong enough to pull themselves out of a free-fall down a flight of stairs. You’re a lucky gal if you can do it.

retirement card

A friend of mine just sent me a text to listen to this song. It seems appropriate for the moment. Thank you, Friend.  As always, you make me smile.

I’ll leave you with this thought, and I hope you’ll enjoy Friday as much as I plan to tomorrow. I have no idea what will transpire, but I know it’s jeans day, I’m going to retire someday, and I don’t mind heading over to the office. It just doesn’t get much better than that.


3 Comments on “Perseverance Pays Off: Exercise, Saving and Following Instructions

  1. Good for you! It can be so scary to even peek at these numbers. What a big step – and glad to hear you are pleased with the results. I hope you celebrate this one. xoxo

  2. Good for you. It must be a big relief to know you can eat tuna and not cat food in your old age! 😉
    My daughter graduates college in April and I’ve been telling her to get into her company 401k day 1. The sooner you start the less painful it is.
    We started saving for her education when she was 1 or 2 and that definitely helped.

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