Sunday Night Check-in: Christmas Approaches

IMG_0654My entire team will be out of the office next week, so Friday was the last day for everyone to be in the office. Since I’m the newbie and don’t have a million hours of annual leave, I’ll have to work Monday and Tuesday next week. But, it’s okay. It will be quiet, and I can do some of my more creative work that requires more thinking time. I’m sort of looking forward to it. But it would be nice to be off, if I’m really honest.

It was pouring rain when I left the office on Friday, and I wanted to do my Christmas shopping. I don’t have a lot to buy, so I can usually do it in one trip if I find the right shop. I headed over to the gift shops at Circa 1857. Circa 1857 is a little artist and antique village with several shops and a sweet little cafe on Government Street. At one time, it was a drug store, but you’d never know it looking at it today. It’s one of my favorite mid-city shopping spots. The shops have a variety of things – jewelry, home stuff, accessories and antiques. I walked into a store called Decor Rouge, and I met the owner, Angela. I told her the gifts I needed to buy and let her help me pick out things that were unusual and perfect for the people on my list. In about an hour, we finished up my shopping, she wrapped my gifts, and I was on my way. I headed to my brother’s house where we watched a Christmas Story.

My home yoga spot

With my Christmas shopping done, I could spend my weekend doing what I wanted. Saturday was wide open, and I ran errands, ran/walked with Ashok, watched Scrooged on streaming video and chilled. My coach Jessica in Tulsa just got a cool new job with a start-up company called Live Streaming Fitness, and I signed up for a year’s membership. They provide online streaming workout videos both live and on demand. I thought it would be nice to have a workout option other than going to the gym or running. It’s only $99, and with a yoga class costing a minimum of $10 per class, I’m already ahead if I take one class at home per month. It was a no-brainer. So, Saturday night I did a yoga class from the site, and I slept like a baby afterwards. The yoga was more like work-out style yoga than the yoga I usually take, but it did the trick. And, I’m a girl after results … always.

My workout spot

I felt great this morning after a wonderful night’s sleep, so I got up and walked Ashok and took a resistance training class off the site. It was a very good class, and I was so proud of myself for fitting it into such a busy day. It was easy since the commute was only as far as my living room. I think I’m going to like having this option. And I’m really looking forward to taking classes from Jessica again! It’ll be like old times except she won’t be able to hear me call her the B*tch. But, she’ll know that I am!

Ashok seemed confused by my working out at home.

Our family Christmas party was today, and we had a lot of fun. I came home with a hand-made pottery soap dish from my sister-in-law Sharon with two fabulous smelling bars of soap. One is peppermint, and I hope I can refrain from taking a big bite out of it. Speaking of bites, I’ve managed to keep my sugar intake fairly low, but I have allowed myself some treats since it’s the holidays. My sister, the Sugar Police, badgered me about eating sugar at the dinner table, and I felt a little ashamed. I felt like I needed to rationalize my one petite four and two tiny slivers of Yule Log, but I refrained because it’s none of her damn business. 🙂 I managed this weekend to keep my intake low enough that my anxiety has stayed away. In fact, the most anxiety I felt was when I’d put a little sugar in my mouth and worried about how it might affect me. Luckily, it faded away quickly.

Yummy Yule Log from The Fresh Market.
Yummy Yule Log from The Fresh Market.

I’m curled up right now with Ashok and Bella. Bella, of course, won’t acknowledge that Ashok exists, so I have to sit between them. Ashok is softly snoring, and Bella is breathing deeply. Pandora is providing some lovely instrumental Christmas music, and I am cozy and warm. I feel relaxed and grateful for some great visits with friends and family this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a great week. This Christmas holiday I plan to spend loads of time with new friends and old. Last year’s holiday season was awful for me. I was horribly depressed, and this year I’ve vowed to do things differently.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful rendition of Silent Night. I listened to this the other night, and if I had never noticed how fabulous Reba Mcintyre’s voice was, I recognized it when I listened to this. Enjoy!

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