Happy Birthday to Me

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Today is my birthday. Even Google is celebrating my birthday. Google knows everything, doesn’t she? I have never understood people who don’t shout about their birthday from the rooftops. I figure I’ve lived 19,710 days on this earth and only 54 have been about me. Well, it’s not exactly just about me. Other people share the same birthdate, most notably Martin Luther King, Jr. I know he did lots of wonderful things, but I’m truly grateful for the fact that he gave me a holiday for my birthday weekend. I’ve tried to take advantage of it every year I can.

Me and my sister in our birthday suits.

One of my favorite places to spend my birthday is in Hot Springs AR. I went there numerous times when I lived in Memphis for my birthday. The weekend is the opening weekend of Oaklawn (horse racing track), and on opening day prices for concessions are the same as they were when they first opened. The town is full of men. It is also the weekend that the county fair managers in Arkansas meet in the Arlington Hotel for their annual convention. That is an interesting group of people to say the least, and every time the elevator doors open, you smell funnel cakes and corn dogs. On my 50th birthday, my friend Alayne – whose birthday is the 16th – met me there. I’m telling you, even at 50 and 40-something, we were apparently the hottest things that had hit Hot Springs in a long time. I’ve never been so popular on a birthday. We even hung out up with a budding country music star and his manager. It was a blast.

Hot Springs AR 

I don’t have plans today other than just to enjoy my special day. I’m having lunch with a peer at LSU who has become a good friend. My team served me my favorite “Better than Sex” King cake from Calandro’s. Since it’s been so long since I’ve had sex, I can’t really compare it, but I can say it was pretty darn good … and much easier and less problematic to come by. As an added gift, my body seems to be tolerating it very well. Maybe on my birthday, all rules and consequences are dropped. In that case, I’ve got some ideas for tonight.

My Pivotal Birthday Party at Michael’s House

When I was younger, I used to buy a birthday outfit. I’d choose something fun and zany that made me feel fun and special. I don’t do that anymore, but I do try to wear something that I like and that makes me feel like I’ve still got it … whatever ‘it’ is. During my second marriage, my birthdays were awful. My second husband had some kind of subconscious issue with birthdays – his and mine – and something awful always ruined them. The year that we divorced, my gay boyfriend Michael pulled out all the stops and treated me and about 10 of my closest friends to a fancy formal dinner at his home. It was a celebration of my birthday, for sure, but, more importantly, it was a pivot point to bring birthdays back to where they belong.

Other Great Birthday Gatherings

My favorite birthday cake is the Dobasch cake from Baum’s. I can never decide if I like the lemon or chocolate better, so I like to get the half and half. Apparently a lot of people can’t make up their mind either. I may have to drop by for a piece today. I’ll probably spend a little time dreaming about what I want in my life this year. That’s probably the thing I like to do most on my birthday. I like to appreciate the fact that I’ve had time on this earth, the people I’ve known and loved and the hope that I will have much more to come.

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10 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope all is well.
    I took my fist yoga class this morning! It was for beginners so I didn’t get broken, but did feel it.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Sharon! Sorry I’m a day late. Didn’t open the computer yesterday…one of the benefits of being retired! 🙂 Hope you had a great day!

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