Sunday Night Check-In: Easy Does It

FullSizeRender-4I came home from my Artist’s Way group Thursday night on a high. I was so happy to connect with some new friends and embark on a new journey in this workshop. I wasn’t home an hour when Ashok started throwing up all over the place. After the weekend’s diarrhea episode, I was alarmed at the vomit. She had chewed into my guest bedroom mattress the day before, and she had thrown up some of it afterward, but I thought she was done. I had an appointment for her Friday morning for her annual, but I no longer thought I could wait. I loaded her up in the car, and we headed over to the emergency vet hospital. She looked like she felt fine. She had a foreign object in her stomach and one in her large intestine. They would have to operate. He gave me an estimate – gulp – and I gave them permission to do the surgery.

She came through remarkably well, and they said there was no damage to her digestive tract, so I was able to pick her up on Saturday afternoon. While I was checking out, a couple from Watson came in with their pit bull who had a foreign object in his stomach. They thought it was a piece of plastic. I knew exactly what they would be going though and was glad I was on the other end of it. We’re both trying to adjust to the new routine. She is uncomfortable and on drugs, so she’s definitely not herself. Besides that, she has to wear a stupid neck collar so she doesn’t chew through her staples. She looks so sad when we go out for her short walks. She urges me to go farther, but she walks really slow. I feel so sorry for her. Too bad she’ll never put eating the mattress and the surgery together. I imagine she doesn’t understand the whole thing. She’s been pretty happy to hang in her kennel and sleep.

I did my Morning Pages yesterday morning. I immediately was motivated to go through my Tupperware and get rid of what I didn’t need. I got rid of extra coffee mugs, water bottles and basically decluttered my kitchen. I even did my taxes. I hope that the Morning Pages had something to do with that burst of energy, and maybe they’ll help me clear out my head so I can get some things done around here that I’ve been putting off. Today, I completed them and went for a run. I ran in shorts. I’m sorry to break it to my northern friends who are buried in snow. It was in the mid-70s by this evening. I’m sitting here sweating in my light summer sweater and yoga pants right now. I could complain and start worrying about how I’m going to endure the heat this summer, but I’m really trying to enjoy what’s put in front of me. And, to be honest, it was nice to run on February 1 in shorts. So, I’ll just say thank you to the Universe on that one.

Momma discovered a Christmas present for my horse-loving niece.
Momma discovered a Christmas present for my horse-loving niece.

I met Momma for lunch, and we had a great day shopping and visiting. I haven’t shopped like that in awhile, and it felt like old times. When I used to come down for visits we’d often spend a day shopping since our time was so short. On the way home, I stopped at one of my Meetup Group’s gatherings. The group leaders, Rob and Katina, had a soft opening for their new food truck, Made in N’awlins. They were parked by the Draft House Bar downtown. A nice little group was gathered, and we ate outside in the nice weather. I had the Debris French Fries. It’ll be fun to know somebody with a food truck. I met several new people tonight. Two of them had grown up here, moved away and come back. I’m running into a lot of people who have done the same thing I did.

Now, I’m curled up with my mattress-eating dog, my two cats, a cup of hot herbal tea, and some yoga music. I lit some incense and some candles, and I smell the aroma of some chili cooking on the stove. I feel relaxed and grateful for a really nice weekend. I’m hoping for a good week ahead. Tomorrow I’m planning to attend a Writer’s Workshop on researching history, and Thursday I have my first real meeting of the Artist’s Way group. At some point, I have to go on an Artist’s Date for homework. It’s a date with myself. I’m trying to think of something out of the norm for me to do. It may be something simple this week, but I do want to do it. I’m kind of taking to this practice of enjoying what is in front of me. We’ll see what this week has in store.

Have a good week, y’all.

One Comment on “Sunday Night Check-In: Easy Does It

  1. Poor Ashok. The things we do for the pets we love! Rose swallowed some Advil when she was 2 or 3 (which is extremely poisonous to dogs), and we went through the emergency vet and then she had to be monitored by our vet for several days. She now gets really freaked out at the vet’s office. It changed her. Also good luck on the AW. The morning pages really made me feel raw, but also really helped me get down to the bottom of things: what was I feeling? Why?

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