A Quiet Friday Evening


Friday evenings are usually so lazy for me. I started having lazy Friday evenings after my first divorce. The hardest and saddest time of the week was Friday evening. I guess it was the anticipation of the long weekend alone that socked it to me. Although, I rarely had long weekends alone. I usually had lots of interaction with friends. It’s just that I was used to having a husband around to go exploring on Saturdays and Sundays, and when I would get off work on Fridays, I’d be hit with this huge sense of dread and sadness. So, I’d go to my 12-step meeting and go home and go to bed as soon as possible just to check out. Later, I would have long runs scheduled on Saturday mornings, so I had an official excuse to go to bed early on Friday nights. 4 AM came early. So, Fridays, for me, are usually down time.

I got home from work this evening, and I felt a little off. I needed to do a run. My running program is going pretty well so far. I’ve been running now for 2 1/2 weeks. Jessica’s writing my plan on the Live Streaming Fitness site, and I’m following it to the letter. It helps that I’m doing yoga 3 mornings a week. I feel flexible and am getting stronger. I dreaded the run tonight. I looked at the plan, and it seemed doable if I could get myself started. I asked Ashok if she wanted to go for a run, and she leaped into the air and started jumping around. “Ok,” I answered, and I got dressed. It was not easy, but I got through it. Now, I’m so glad that I got it done. Tomorrow I can do a class instead of running, and that seems so much easier for some reason.

I baked some sweet potatoes and a mess of spinach that I bought at the Farmer’s Market last week. I can’t believe how much greener and heftier it is than the kind I buy in the supermarket. I think I’ll head out there early tomorrow and buy some more. Dinner was meatless, so I cooked some apples and topped them with Greek yogurt, a little maple syrup and whipped cream for dessert. The Greek yogurt will give me enough protein for dinner. The maple syrup and whipped cream just felt like a celebration.

I have two cats passed out in my lap, and Ashok is passed out in her bed at my feet. I plan on doing some journaling later, and I’m tuned into the yoga music channel on Pandora. I’ll probably do a yoga nidra and take a hot bath in epsom salts before the night is over. I’ll get a good night’s rest and hit the ground running in the morning.

Tomorrow is Singles Awareness Day – S.A.D. I hardly noticed it this year. Down here, Mardi Gras is in full swing, and I’ve heard people talking about Mardi Gras and parades and balls, but I haven’t heard a peep about Valentine’s Day. I’m going out with some friends tomorrow night for a Valentine’s thing, but it’s not a couples thing… at least that’s the line they sold me. I’ll probably be the token single there. Whatever…. I’m so used to Valentine’s Day being a non-event it doesn’t even phase me. I thought about going to the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade, but I think I’m going to visit my parents. I won’t really decide until the morning. I could always go visit them on Sunday. My Meetup group is going out to the parade. It’s supposed to be fun. The theme is penises and flamingoes. I’m not sure how the two intersect, but I see pink flamingoes all over the place, and tomorrow afternoon, there will be Mardi Gras beads with tiny plastic penises on them all over downtown Baton Rouge.

So, y’all have a good weekend. I guess I won’t make it to Mardi Gras in New Orleans this weekend. I’m glad I got a chance to go last week. So, if you are going to Mardi Gras, have a blast for me. I know everybody is excited about it around here. I guess it will happen without me. Night, y’all. It’s time for a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. I’m just glad it’s Friday, and I have the whole weekend before me. There’s nothing better than that.

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