Sunday Night Check-In: Camellias and the Wacky Louisiana Winter


My AC/heater switch has whiplash. On Friday, I was wearing a heavy jacket. Today, I wore a tank top and shorts for a long run and got sunburned… well, more like sun-kissed, I guess. At any rate, it was borderline too hot for my dog to run. My sister texted me from an hour and a half north of here and said her school is calling ‘snow days’ for Monday and Tuesday. “What?” I asked. “It’s 74 degrees.” Apparently, the temps will nosedive again tomorrow. But I have to say I was thrilled with today’s offering. It was sunny and perfect. I took a running tour of the state capitol grounds and downtown Baton Rouge. I had to hold myself back from thinking here we go into the fiery furnace of a Louisiana summer. But it looks like it was a false alarm, and I am really, really glad. I’m not ready, you hear me …. I’m not ready.

Yesterday was warm but really muggy. I let Ashok out Friday night in my jacket, and, when I opened the door on Saturday, it felt really warm. I picked up my brother Terry, and we went to the Farmer’s Market and then later met the rest of his family for a nice walk on the state capitol grounds. It was a really nice morning with lots of yummy treats like sweet potato teacakes and delicious mango white tea. I spent the afternoon with a friend watching Gone Girl and cooking a yummy healthy dinner.

Ashok loves my beautiful niece.
Ashok loves my beautiful niece.

This morning I took Ashok for a walk in the neighborhood and then sat down to blog and write my Morning Pages. I did a little work on a new business opportunity before heading out for my run. It was a busy day today but I made time to go to my sacred circles and touch base with God and my soul. On the way home from my prayer circle at the Red Shoes I stopped at Trader Joe’s and got provisions for the week. I was thrilled that their Maple Leaf cookies only have 8 grams of sugar in them. They are quite tasty and somewhat remind me of the old vanilla creme cookies we had when I was a child. When I compare the 2 teaspoons of sugar of those cookies with the 8 teaspoons of sugar in most fruit-flavored yogurts, I figure it won’t hurt me to have a cookie every once in a while for a treat. Why in the world do we need to put 8 teaspoons of sugar in yogurt? Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

I’m sitting with my girl on the sofa listening to yoga music on Pandora. It’s a quiet night. The dog next door is unusually quiet, barking only every now and again. Ashok is snoring. The run this afternoon wore her out. Buster is purring in the chair across the room, and Bella is sleeping on top of the pile of yoga blankets. My kitchen is clean, and I’m feeling like it’s time to take off my make-up and head toward bed. This week, my Artist’s Way program is asking me to deprive myself of reading. That rules out Facebook and social media, too. No reading magazines before sleep. No reading blogs that come in my email. She even wants me to play hooky on reading for work. It’s supposed to give me all of this time back and keep me from distracting my creative self with input. I’m anxious to see what happens with this.

My sister-in-law's sweet gesture.
My sister-in-law’s sweet gesture.

Everything kept coming up Camellias this weekend. After my brother’s family left, I found a single pink Camelia floating in a bowl of water on my kitchen table. My sister-in-law Laura surprised me with it. Being single, the only thing that ever appears without my seeing it is something the cat throws up. It was very nice to see that lovely offering on my dining room table. I felt loved. Someone brought a whole platterful of Camellias to our circle tonight for us to take home. I didn’t take one because I already had one, but I had to snap a few photos to share. They are so beautiful and one of the gifts of living in a place where the line between hot and cold is so dynamic. I’ve said before that I love seeing flowers in January. I suppose I love them in February, too. Have a great week, y’all … and bundle up tomorrow. It’s gonna be cold.


3 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Camellias and the Wacky Louisiana Winter

  1. I had to laugh out loud at “the only thing that ever appears without my seeing it is something the cat throws up!” I’m very glad that something much more welcome showed up for you this time πŸ™‚

    We had a beautiful weekend here in the PacNW as well, and today and tomorrow are also sunny and in the 50’s. Rain comes back on Wednesday, as it always does, but as you said, the warm sunny afternoons are a welcome respite to the February blues.

    Have a great week, Sharon!

  2. Hah! You found me out. Emmaclaire is actually a nickname from my husband, which derives from Femma Emma, she who is strong and powerful. She is my superhero alter-ego. My real name is Geffen, which can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Emmaclaire suits me better these days, I think. And the folks at Starbucks don’t have to ask me to spell it πŸ™‚

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