Sunday Night Check-In: A New Rhythm

The new East Baton Rouge Parish Library

My weekends are taking on new rhythms in the last month or so, and I quite like it. Friday evening and Saturday I was dealing with moving the bed out of my guest bedroom. I brought it to my parents’  house in Pierre Part, and, early Saturday morning, Momma and I made the drive over to my sister’s house in Cottonport to bring Momma’s bunk beds to her. We ended up spending the day shopping, fighting traffic and eating lunch in Lafayette. It was a fun, impromptu excursion that netted me a thrift store shirt and a great long visit with Momma. I was beat when I got home, but I was energized enough to create my writing space and cook myself a nice dinner of sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas and roasted beets.

My haul from Luckett Farms

Last week I got my first week’s haul from Luckett Farms’ CSA subscription. I netted oranges and grapefruit, spinach, cabbage, sweet potatoes, green onions, broccoli and sugar snap peas. I decided I was going to have a weekend full of fresh veggies to help fight off the infection from my tooth issues and just because … well … I deserve it. I made a short trip to Trader Joe’s for some fish, ground beef and dairy, but the rest of the week’s fare will be primarily fresh vegetables. If the veggies are always like this, I’ll have eight weeks of yummy, good-for-me plant food. At $25 per week, it’s a steal to get this locally grown, in-season and mostly organic produce. My inner vegetarian is going to be a happy herbivore.

The New Library

This morning I woke up and got a 40-minute run out of the way early. The forecast called for heavy rain all day, so I figured I’d best get it while the gettin’s good. It ended up not raining all day, but I was glad I got the run in early. I got productive and did some spring cleaning right after I did my Morning Pages. Normally, my Sundays are pretty lazy, but I’m trying to start writing for money, and I’ve got a new little business venture percolating with an out-of-town business partner. So, my Sundays for the last couple of weeks have been part work and part trying to get things done that need to be done around my house. No more procrastinating for me on weekends anymore. I have to move it or lose it.

I quit working about 4 PM, and I wanted to get my Artist’s Date in today. My children’s book about Ashok’s adventures is still on my mind, but, since I didn’t have children I’m not a children’s book expert. So, I took off to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library to check out their children’s book section. I read about a little African-American boy who learned how to see the positive in his neighborhood amid the ‘bad news’ as he named it. It made me sad that some children have to play in areas that are unsafe and not very sparkly and clean. I thought the book was precious, and it opened my eyes to some experiences that I’d never had as a white child growing up in the country. I also read about a kitten who was chasing the moon and Clifford the giant dog. It was an entertaining afternoon, and I think I have some ideas for my book … or maybe a series. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

The Children's Area
The Children’s Area at the Library

If you are in Baton Rouge and have not visited the new East Baton Rouge Parish Library on Goodwood, you should definitely go. Most nights it’s open until 10 PM. They have a Career Center with Career Services, job boards and all kinds of books. Of course they have computers, digital media and plenty of books and magazines. The children’s section is colorful and bright  and a special teen section features books for young adults. BREC is building a coffeehouse right outside the library, and I can’t wait to check out some books and head over to the coffeehouse for the afternoon. Today, people were sitting outside in the courtyard area, and there was lots of activity going on inside. The library’s Career Counselor is hosting the Artist’s Way workshop that I’m taking, and the library’s calendar is jam-packed with great workshops. I registered for one that teaches you how to get involved in the film industry down here in Louisiana. I can’t wait to see what they say. After all, I can edit video!


Tonight’s dinner was edamame and spinach sauteed in olive oil with whole garlic cloves and buttered sweet potatoes. It was delicious, and I’ve got plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. The animals are all resting while I finish up my blog. They seem to love this new office as much as I do. Bella has a perch in the bookcase amid the yoga blankets. Ashok has a bed right beside me, and Buster always chooses my lap whenever he can. I got a phenomenal amount of work done this weekend. I feel really satisfied. I was worried I might not feel rested, but doing work that I really enjoy doesn’t seem to tire me. It seems to give me energy. So, even though I was much busier than usual, I love the new rhythm.

I had a thought today that having some ‘inside’ work that invigorates me might help me get through the summer here. I have to say that as the calendar flies by, I’m getting increasingly anxious about the summer months ahead. How will I handle the heat this year? I can’t take another year like last year. My plan is taking shape, though. I’m keeping my running to shorter distances, I’ve signed up for the Live Streaming Fitness workouts which I can do inside, and now I might have some interesting work to do inside in the AC. I plan to take a summer vacation to somewhere cooler around July or August. Things are definitely looking up. I hope y’all have a good week. I’ve got another busy one ahead of me, but it’s a good busy!

2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: A New Rhythm

  1. Think it is great you are thinking about writing a book . To beat the heat you could take up swimming blogs

    • Thank you, Russell. I may have to give swimming some thought. I have a few thoughts on books, and now that I have space, I may try to self-publish some things. Thanks for your support.

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