It’s a nice night….

It’s a nice night to sit on the porch. 

Last night and today I turned on the air conditioning and set the thermostat for winter.

This morning I ran and was soaked from the heat and humidity. Tomorrow when I leave for work, it will be almost 50 degrees cooler.

Where am I? I can pretend it’s Seattle, I guess. Wanna go to the Space Needle? 

4 Comments on “It’s a nice night….

  1. Ha! Check out the weather in Memphis🙊🙈🙉😬
    Jerry Laurain |

  2. We are LOVIN’ our sunny, dry spring here in the Emerald City! I’d be singing a different song were I an avid skier, and I may be lamenting the lack of snow pack when it’s time to water the brown lawn in August, but for now?? LOVIN’ it!

    And you get to cycle through several seasons of your wardrobe all in the same week, right? Getting good use out of the whole closet 🙂

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