Sunday Night Check-In: Near Perfection


I had a phenomenal weekend. The workshop on Friday and Saturday was enlightening, and I met a few new women friends who I hope to see again at The Red Shoes sometime. I actually came home last night and exercised to a rather challenging class on Live Streaming Fitness. I was sore even before I went to bed last night, but I was proud of myself for doing it. I had a really busy week last week, but I managed to get at least 5 workouts in through the week. That’s an accomplishment, and it really helped me get through the week emotionally. I was busy … busy … busy.

Today was pretty amazing, too. Drum roll, please…. I’ve met someone. I don’t want to jinx it because we’ve only had 3 dates, but things seem to be going well so far. He lives out of town, so today he came in to spend the day with me. We walked all over downtown and enjoyed the beautiful day. 225 Magazine featured a fabulous, decadent burger on its cover this month, and we headed over there for a taste. We opted out of the Breakfast Burger and settled on the Cajun Burger, but it was delicious. It was a burger laced with jalapenos – not sure how that’s Cajun – and topped with cheese-topped shrimp. It was absolutely yummy, and the company was pretty amazing, too. He seems to get me. Loves my curly hair … keeps up with me intellectually … doesn’t back down to conflict … is funny and has a sexy voice, too. Oh, yeah… he also has great legs! Like my friend Veronica said, “take it one date at a time”. I’m doing that, and we’ll see where it goes.

While downtown today we saw a movie set, hung out and watched the coots on the lake by the State Capitol, sucked down a PJ’s Mocha Granita and walked the levee watching the barges go by. It was a lazy day filled with great conversation and hazy but warm weather. The redbud trees are in bloom, and I couldn’t help but think of my Northern buds who are still freezing their tails off in Michigan. I talked with my friend Autumn tonight, and they still have snow on the ground. It’s so hard to believe that the weather can be so different in one country. I found myself longing for a snowy day where I could curl up in front of a fire and have a hot cup of tea. “There is no perfect place,” she said tonight as I told her how I was dreading the heat of the summer here but was enjoying running in the warmer temperatures in January and February. There is no perfect place. There is no perfect man. There is no perfect day. There is no perfect life. But this weekend was pretty close to perfect for me.


I ended the day with a long meditation, a phone call with my Sister on her birthday, a short chat with Jessica and a talk with Autumn. I’m not dreading work tomorrow. I’m not welcoming it either, but I’m just thrilled that I’m not dreading it. This week I’m getting a crown put on the tooth with the root canal, and I’m getting my first ever DevaCut haircut designed for curly hair. My hair is out of control right now, and this process of dry-cutting each curl is supposed to make it much more manageable. I’ll keep you posted. Y’all have a good week. Stay comfortable wherever you are.

The jury is still out on this guy.
Don’t get excited. The jury is still out on this guy.

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