Sunday Night Check-In: It’s a Brand New World


I really think the Artist’s Way is shifting my energy in such a way that it’s catapulting me into a brand new world. This weekend was fairly amazing. I was covered up with activities with friends – brand new friends. I’ve met them once or twice around town, and this weekend we really got to know each other better. It was a blast!

I got to spend Friday evening with my parents in Pierre Part, and I got up early Saturday morning to go to a house party for the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Baton Rouge. One of my Artist’s Way comrades, Jen, invited me over to Kim and Ray’s house. They live on the parade route, and I roasted some red potatoes for the brunch feast. It was the only thing I had in the house, but, as it turned out, it was the perfect accompaniment for the croissants and mimosas that were served when I got there. We were all decked out in green, and I met a lot of cool, new people from all over the country who are now making Baton Rouge their home. I had a blast chatting them up about their life stories and how they landed in this neck of the woods. As an added bonus, they all like it here, so I didn’t have to hear the normal complaining about the city.

Kim and Ray’s place had a deck that gave us a birds’ eye view of the parade route, and we had brunch while guests arrived. About 10:45, the sirens announced the arrival of the parade. We ran down to Broussard which looked almost exactly like the neighborhood Mardi Gras celebrations I saw in New Orleans last year. It was a little more hometown and a little bit smaller, but similar costumes, families, tables full of food and drink and frivolity awaited us. Instead of purple, green and gold, the street was awash in green, and it only got greener as float after float of revelers tossed beads and trinkets to the dancing crowd. It was fun, and, when it was over, we walked the few steps over to our house party and had lunch.

Kim and Ray had cooked some amazing mini-burgers with Bernaise sauce on Ciabatta toast. I stuffed myself silly and made my rounds talking to everyone. My favorite spot was a big hammock that we all shared at one time or another during the party. When we left at about 2, parties were still in full force all over the neighborhood, and at 5 PM, throngs of people bedecked in green still walked the streets. As for me, I went home and took a nap before heading out to meet another new friend for dinner.

Today, I ran a lot of errands, got out my summer clothes and washed my car. The Women in Transition meetup group met at Coffee Call at 11 AM for beignets and coffee, and I invited my new girlfriends from the parade party and the dental assistant who helped with my root canal. We stayed for several hours getting to know one another and sharing about things we like to do in Baton Rouge. I think everybody had something to share that was news to everyone else. It was fun, and I left feeling very connected and joyful. We even planned for another party at Kim and Ray’s on Friday night. I’m looking forward to it.

I ended the day with my Sacred Circle at the Red Shoes and some roasted veggies from my CSA box from Luckett Farms. My new boy toy and I had a visit via FaceTime for the first time. You gotta love technology. Even though he’s an hour and a half away and had his kids this weekend, we got to visit for awhile, and he got to see my new curly ‘do’. All-in-all, I had a blast this weekend. I wish I had another day to rest, but I don’t. The oddest things were coming out of my mouth this weekend. “Work has been fun the last two weeks … I might want to buy a townhouse. How do you like yours? …. “ I heard myself say at breakfast this morning. Maybe I’m finally adapting? July and August are lurking in the future, but I’m trying to ignore them for now. It was beautiful today, and I loved walking in my dress and flip-flops with the sun on my shoulders. This weekend seemed like a whole new world for me, and one I’m sort of looking forward to exploring. Y’all have a great week. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: It’s a Brand New World

  1. Sounds like a fabulous and connected weekend! How fun to watch your world change and know that YOU are the reason it has – very empowering!

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