Sunday Night Check-In: Turning Over a New Leaf

What a beautiful weekend this has turned out to be! The weather forecast made it look like it was going to storm all weekend, and I pretty much didn’t plan anything because of it. I also wanted to set aside time to write, so I knew I’d need to make time. It was my first weekend after all. I’m sitting here now with the windows open, enjoying an amazing sunny, comfortable day. I walked Ashok this afternoon in the Garden District and took photos for my Artist’s Date. The azaleas are in full bloom and green growth is popping out everywhere. The temperature in my car read 85.

Friday night I was invited to a party with a new group of friends. We had a blast making pizza with all kinds of toppings. We even had acorn squash and potatoes! One of the women is from South Korea, and she said pizza in South Korea is often stuffed with sweet potato. They use less cheese and a larger variety of vegetables I imagine it’s much healthier than the pizza we have here. After dinner we played dominoes and then a really fun game where you threw pigs like dice. You got points if the pig landed on its back (a razorback) or on his snout (a snouter) or standing (a trotter). It was crazy stupid, and we had a great time. I was the first one to reach 100 and nobody was even close to me. My friend Jen came from behind and won the game. It was a great way to start the weekend, and I laughed until my face hurt.

Pizza Making…. and Dominoes

Pig Tossing …


I decided this weekend to try Bikram yoga again. I was thinking maybe it might help me acclimate to the hot weather this summer. But, after doing it for two days, I’m questioning my logic. Why should I let July sneak in ahead of time and spoil these lovely, cool mornings like we had this weekend? The jury is still out on that plan right now. It was so nice out this weekend that I walked Ashok both days. Yesterday was a little muggy, and even Ashok was starting to sit down in protest of the heat. It may be a long summer. But, today … is fabulous.

A late-blooming Mardi Gras tree
A late-blooming Mardi Gras tree

I made time for my writing. Yesterday, I outlined a book project on how to make transitions during major life changes. I interviewed a friend on a potential project that teaches women about finances. I’m still exploring the topic so I’m not sure what – if anything – I will do on that. Lately I’ve realized that my financial challenges of the last year have really made me cognizant of the importance of managing money. I’m not the subject matter expert, but I know I can find one. And, today I wrote a first draft of a children’s book about a little girl coming to terms with her curly hair. I have begun! I can’t believe I put it off so long. It was easy to get started, and I enjoyed doing it. I did all of that in about 4 hours over the weekend. Woohoo!!

And a wild flamingo!
And a wild flamingo!

So, I was checking my email this afternoon, and a link to Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk came up. I’m so glad that she is finally resurfacing to talk about the incident that was heard around the world. I remember when it happened, I really felt for her. She was 22, and I remember when I was 22. She fell in love and had an affair with her boss. I fell in love with an authority figure at about that age. He pursued me, and I allowed it. I was such an immature insecure woman. Being pursued by someone that everyone admired was quite intoxicating, and I didn’t have the wherewithal to resist. I’m glad he wasn’t the President of the United States. We got to get by with it with only a little humiliation and a lot of non-public guilt. I felt so much empathy for her during that time that it pained me to see the way she was being raked over the coals. All I have to do is to look at my niece and stepdaughter at that age and realize how young 22 is.

The cats were loving the fresh air!
The cats were loving the fresh air!

I know that God uses all of our actions and failings for good if we give Him the chance, and it looks like Ms. Lewinsky is using her experience at being cyber-bullied to battle the problem we have today. One of the reasons I’m off Facebook almost entirely is I cannot watch all of the bullying on that platform. It makes me cringe every time I see posts that demean other people. So, I just don’t get on there unless somebody contacts me or I have something I want to say. Call me a wuss if you want, but I don’t like violence at all – be it physical, intellectual or emotional. It’s all painful to me.

So, I’ll leave you with Ms. Lewinsky’s Ted Talk. I think she has a beautiful message. Maybe turning over a new leaf this spring with some extra empathy would be a nice Easter gift. Y’all have a great week.

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