Backroads, Wildflowers and Paris


I can’t believe the week has been so long and so busy that I’ve not written since Sunday. Traveling for work and training added up to some long hours this week. That, in addition to last week’s whirlwind trip to Oklahoma has made me road weary. But, I’ve had a trip to Tulsa to see my friend Jessica for months, and I wasn’t about to let a few road splinters deter me. I used a couple of hours of comp time this afternoon and took off in a blaze of glory in Pursy with Ashok as my co-pilot. With any luck, I could split up the 9-10 hour drive and have lunch with Jess tomorrow in Tulsa Oklahoma. I stopped at the new Starbucks in Baton Rouge before I left, and it was jam-packed with people at 3 PM. Does anybody else have to work?


I think I was in Oklahoma once when I was a girl. Now, I will have visited two cities in Oklahoma in as many weeks. And, unfortunately for my derriere, we drove both times. My workout routine has taken a hit although I have run a couple of times on the treadmill and did one workout at home last week. It’s not too bad, but it’s not my usual. My sleep and my mood have suffered as a result. Jess (you’ll remember her as “the B*tch) has assured me that we will be moving and eating healthy food this weekend. It’ll be a great jump start to get back in my usual routine before too much shoulder-baring weather has passed.

I’ve driven I-49 North 3 times in the past two weeks traveling to Shreveport. What a boring drive that is! I stopped and got strawberries from a roadside vendor and had to eat two of them juicy jewels just to make sure they were perfect. They were. Jess and I will have strawberries to much on along with my CSA box of veggies.


The wildflowers are stunning down here right now. The median’s colorful wildflower offering waves as I pass by. Those little yellow flowers show off across the fields in a golden blanket of pollen. It was a beautiful day, and I was mesmerized by the springtime wildflower show around every bend. I turned up the country music and watched the world go by. As I crossed over into Texas, my GPS began routing me off the interstate highways and onto Texas backroads. I went through two fairly significant storms, but the weather was mostly pretty and the roads were devoid of traffic, a welcome respite from living in Baton Rouge. Tree-lined well-maintained two-lane roads took me further and further into the Texas landscape. Small towns passed by in a blur since Texans seem to support high speed limits even in small towns. As a challenge, I thought of trying to make it all the way tonight but realized I probably wouldn’t. The goal kept me focused on driving and not on sightseeing or stopping to get food and drinks.


I stopped once in a divey casino-type convenience store. The ladies’ room was occupied, and I had to stand out in a smoke-filled scummy area that begged me to get back on the road, but my bladder was not going to listen. It was the only stop of the trip except for a gas stop way back in Alexandria. I ate a handful of peanuts for dinner because I couldn’t find a restaurant that had quick, healthy eats on the Texas backroads. Around 8:30, a big storm blew up, and I realized that I was getting too tired to drive until midnight. I’d need to find a place to stay. But… where? I was in the middle of nowhere. I’d passed through a few little towns, but the motels looked a little scary. I finally saw a sign that said Paris, and I knew that was a little larger town. Siri helped me locate the pet-friendly LaQuinta Inn & Suites, and I called and made a reservation.


The front desk clerk was really friendly, and with my AAA rate, I rang up at right about $100. Gone are the days when I can get a decent room cheaper, and since I’m usually traveling alone, I won’t compromise on safety. So, 100 bucks it is for a place to lay my head.

Ashok has made her place for the night.
Ashok has made her place for the night.

I remember watching the movie Paris TX in 1984 with my first husband. He was enamored with the movie. I doubt I ever thought I’d be in Paris TX, but here I am. It may be the closest I ever get to Paris.

Paris TX Trailer

2 Comments on “Backroads, Wildflowers and Paris

  1. Not sure about Texas but Oklahoma high ways are beautiful right now! So many flowering trees 🙂 And yes, think of this weekend as a mini-fitness retreat (maybe that’s a future business venture for me…..) But a restful one too.

    Can’t wait to see you!

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