Safe Landing in Tulsa

My sleep in Paris was short. My body clock doesn’t care what time I quit blogging, working out, or fretting over life to fall asleep. Come 5 AM, it usually jolts to a highly awake state. I can toss and turn and try to sleep, but it won’t happen unless I’m in a very unusual relaxed state which usually means I have nothing going on. But, I had plenty going on yesterday! I had 3 hours left before I saw Jessica for the first time in a year and a few months. The last time I saw her was at the Rock n Roll Marathon in New Orleans in 2014. She lived in Austin at the time. It was time to visit her in another land – Oklahoma. And her face was only 3 hours away!

Coffeetime – Paris TX-Style

My first stop after doing dog duty and checking out of the hotel was to find a coffee shop. The closest Starbucks was 53 miles away. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I opened up my All Around Me app and found the Paris Coffee Company. Local coffee shops can be either really great or really awful, so I was totally stoked when I drove in the parking lot and saw this island of light and sweetness in a strip mall. The first thing I saw was the usual conclave of local retired dudes. Everywhere I go, no matter how small or large the town, there are gatherings of older men (although honestly they are getting younger and younger as time goes by) having their coffee and shooting the bull. I saw these guys in their cowboy hats, and I knew I was in Texas! I had to stop by, say hi and take a pic to share with you. They got a kick out of potentially being on the internet.

Just me and the road…

IMG_1857-1I had the most amazing scone and a Mexican Mocha which was spicy and chocolatey, and I was on my way. I love the speed limits in Texas. Going through a small town? 65 miles per hour is the ‘slow-down’ speed. The rest of the way it’s 75 miles per hour unless you have to stop for something. Then, they step you down… 75 …. 65 …. 55 …. 45 …. 35 …. Stop. I guess Texans need to follow directions, or they can’t figure it out. Whatever it is, it was a pleasant drive with lots of ranches, lush wildflower meadows and forests floating by. It was all new scenery to me, and I enjoyed the ride. Then I saw a sign with the word ‘trail’ on it. I made a U-turn and got sidetracked for about 30 minutes in a wildlife refuge.


I drove up to the Live Streaming Fitness office at about 11 AM. It was nothing like I expected although I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s a small start-up, but they just hired a high-powered manager that is moving them to the next level. As we were talking to the new dude in charge, he mentioned that he worked for ServiceMaster in the past. We had that in common. I worked for them in Memphis. It was fun seeing the little stage where my instructors lead my workouts online. That looked exactly the same, but the entire organization was more than that little floor. Ashok made fast friends with the receptionist, and I got a t-shirt and some pics with my yoga instructor and Jessica on the Live Streaming Fitness set.

Live Streaming Fitness

I went to Jess’s house while she finished up work, and the rest of the day was just taking care of dogs, getting pedicures, grocery shopping and cooking veggie omelets for dinner. We wanted yesterday to be low-key. Today we have yoga planned with my favorite yoga instructor, and I’ll meet some of Jess’s friends. We may go on a hike to Turkey Mountain today – or not – and we’ll probably go out dancing tonight. I’m sure I will be exhausted by the end of the day. This twenty-something wears my butt out every time I see her. She has a punching bag in this house that I aim to give a whirl this weekend. I have a year and a half of frustrations I need to get out, and this looks like the place to do it.

Y’all have a great weekend. Who knows, I might find me a rancher in Tulsa tonight, and I may just not return to the Land of the White Pickup Trucks. You just never know what might happen on a day like today.

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