The Adventure Continues: Tulsa

I’m sold on Tulsa. Jessica says Tulsa feels like Austin might have felt 20 years ago. You never have to wait at restaurants. Parking is always plentiful, and it’s mostly free. And, I can say from being here for two days that the people are amazingly friendly. My parking meter wasn’t working the other day, and the receptionist went out and found the meter officer and told him. When I walked out to make sure he wasn’t giving me a ticket, he had put two hours on the meter so I had time. Everybody has been kind and very helpful. And, I have to say it has some of the best and most decadent coffee shops I’ve ever frequented. Last night, we went to the Coffee House on Cherry Street. The food was unbelievable. I had a slice of Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake that was deliciously rich and not overly sweet although my body later told me that there was plenty of sugar in it. More on that later.

Coffee House on Cherry Street (Click on pics for larger images or hover over for captions.)

The weather sucked a bit yesterday. I brought summer clothes because the forecast showed 75 degrees both days, but it’s been cloudy, rainy and about 10 degrees colder than that. We had planned to go for a run or hike yesterday, but we got rained out. We did go to Foolish Things Coffee Company and took a community yoga class taught by Teresa, my Live Streaming Fitness Yoga instructor  who teaches me in my living room at 6 AM. Tomorrow, I get to do her live class with her on the set. The class was full of lovely people who hung around for about an hour afterwards, and I had a cappuccino with LOMAH (Land of Milk and Honey) milk.

The Farmer’s Market

The Tulsa Farmer’s Market on Cherry Street reminded me of the Red Stick Market in Baton Rouge. It was heavily attended, and I enjoyed talking to the dairy farmers at LOMAH. I ended up buying some of their Icelandic-style yogurt to go with the Louisiana Strawberries I brought. I also got homemade granola, a huge chocolate croissant and a couple of clothing items that were on a clearance rack outside of a store called Suite One. Luckily they had some winter clothes on clearance. Otherwise, I’d be freezing my derrière off.

Yoga at Foolish Things Coffee Company

We came home, curled up in Jessica’s bed with her dog Miley and took a long nap. My body clock apparently doesn’t work too well in Tulsa because I slept two hours yesterday and until 7:30 this morning. We went to bed early last night, but the sugar in the cheesecake was messing with my system so bad that I didn’t sleep for several hours. I am so mad. I still can’t enjoy a little splurge without paying for it dearly. Lesson learned.


We decided not to go out dancing last night. I found a great Ted Talk video that touted an inspirational strategy for marketing your business, and Jess and Teresa both have their own businesses. I wanted to share it with her, so we opted for the coffee shop instead and spent an evening talking about our careers and where we wanted to go. It’s really refreshing to be at a stage in my life and with a circle of friends that have their own interests and passions. Even though dancing would have been fun, neither one of us really needed to get drunk and hunt for men. Maybe another time, but our minds are focused on our futures right now. We both want our professional lives to reflect our personal values, and the Ted Talk below shows how to integrate those two nicely.

Our decadent brunch this morning.
Our decadent brunch this morning.

We’ve been cooking at home since I brought my fresh veggies from the CSA. We ate rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods last night with roasted red potatoes and roasted broccoli and fresh tomatoes. It was delicious, and we threw the leftover chicken and veggies in an omelet this morning with a side dish of the last of the strawberries, full-fat greek yogurt and home-made granola. It was delicious and gave us plenty of energy to hike for several miles at the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness. Trails on the side of a mountain led to panoramic views of the Arkansas River and the city of Tulsa. The dogs got to swim and run, and we got to sweat and work out our buns. I was still a little sore from all of the back-bending at yesterday’s yoga class, but it felt great to be out in the sun.

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness

We’re both writing at Starbucks in the Utica section of town. Our plans are soft today just like I like them. I’m sort of thinking another nap might be in store for me today. This trip has been really relaxing, and I’ve enjoyed hanging out with my easy-going girlfriend and her furry best friend. Even Ashok and Miley have become fast friends.

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