Yoga Challenge: Camel Pose or Ustrasana

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I just want to do a brief post about my second day of the yoga challenge. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, but I was determined to do yoga this morning. I got up at my usual 5 AM and turned on my computer. The mouse battery was dead. Does the universe conspire to test my resolve? I had to pull batteries out of a flashlight in order to get my mouse working.

I tuned in to Melissa’s Vinyasa Yoga class on Live Streaming Fitness. She’s about 8 months pregnant but taught an awesome flow class. It was intermediate to beginner but very good and just what I needed. I was sore from the practice on Saturday and the one on Monday, so it felt good to move. Jessica encouraged me to post a pose each day for people to read. I have 4 friends who are percolating on the challenge, and I know at least one practiced today! Yeah, Nancy!

Anyway, I want to feature Camel Pose today because Melissa led me through it this morning, and Teresa led me through it yesterday. Click here for Yoga Journal’s info on the pose. It’s a great backbend, but people with lower back problems should follow the instructions below to modify. Backbending opens the heart which many yogis say will cure depression. I have to say that it helps me. I love backbends. They wake me up, keep my spine flexible and feel really good!

Enjoy! And I hope you’ll join the yoga challenge. You can make it what you want. Do one pose a day … one class a day … learn about yoga… I don’t care. It’s your practice. It’s not perfect, that’s why it’s called a practice. Namaste.

Camel Pose


4 Comments on “Yoga Challenge: Camel Pose or Ustrasana

  1. I’m on day two of yoga poses too! I decided to jump in with you. I joined that is similar to what you are signed up for, but only yoga, and you can cancel your membership at any time. Plus I get two weeks free before being charged the $15 for the month. I’m digging this so far!

    • Awesome! I’m so glad. I want to check out some yoga sites. At these prices, I can be a member of more than one. I’m so glad you are along for the ride. đŸ˜‰

  2. Sharon, I remember the first time I did camel pose years ago. I could not stop crying! It was like every hurt I’d ever experienced was laid bare. Luckily, I had a gracious and knowledgeable instructor who told me this pose often brings up stored emotion. Wow. Just another example of how holistic yoga is.

    • Funny, I was walking Ashok this morning, and I was thinking about blogging about the whole mind/body connection of yoga. I have had a similar experience with Camel. I feel on the verge of tears this morning. Maybe a backbending practice would be good today.

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