Indulging at Magpie


When I was in Tulsa, I bought some granola at the Farmer’s Market, I eat a little every morning with some full fat yogurt and whatever fresh fruit I have on hand. It’s my favorite warm weather breakfast. I eat it around 6, and it keeps me full until about 10 AM. But, I have yet to find a granola I really like in Baton Rouge … well, one day I had some I liked at Magpie Cafe on Perkins. So, when I ran out of the Tulsa granola, I ran by Magpie Cafe to grab some. At $10.32 for 8 oz. of Granola, the delicious stuff is like gold. I’m glad I eat only a small amount every day, but I have to say I balked at the price before I snatched it up.

Yummy Breakfast Fare

It is most definitely homemade, and it’s filled with nuts and some kind of sweetener along with the oats. My favorite granola of all time was the granola made by Groovy Foods in Memphis. It, too, was pricey, but I loved it. Every time I went to the Farmer’s Market, I bought the biggest bag they had. I’ve heard she’s since gone out of business, but I’d love to have more of her granola. So, I decided this week that my next big project is to start making granola at home to find the perfect recipe. Then, maybe I’ll become the best granola provider in Baton Rouge. Until then, I’ll continue to buy Magpie Cafe’s yummy goodness.

This morning I stopped by for one of their scones. If you haven’t been to Magpie Cafe on Perkins, you really need to try it. They are the healthiest coffeehouse that I know of in Baton Rouge. They have wonderful juices, organic coffees and the most fabulous pastries and breakfast I’ve found. The cafe itself is very attractive. The outdoor seating is not on concrete and has plants and flowers right beside the tables. This morning it was warm and muggy, and one of the employees plugged in a fan to circulate the air. They really seem to care about the atmosphere as well as the food. And, it shows. The place – as always – was jam-packed. I know that Baton Rouge has a reputation for fried food and unhealthy fare, but Magpie’s success is proof that a healthy-eating community does exist.

Healthy Fare

I wanted a blueberry scone as the peach scone I had awhile back melted in my mouth. The scones were gone by the time I got to the counter, so I had a blueberry pop-tart which was a tasty pastry confection that wasn’t too sweet but was flaky and wonderful. If I’d been hungrier, I could have had gouda grits or eggs benedict or a fabulous looking spinach-ricotta quiche. Everything looked good. And, apparently, they are used to running out because they have times on the menu when they will stop making certain items. They ran out of three things while I was waiting in line. There was so much other deliciousness to fill the void that somehow it didn’t matter. I also ordered a whole milk latte which has become my mainstay.

Magpie has a small store where they sell t-shirts, coffeemakers and even some glass canisters for food storage. I fell in love with the glass canisters one afternoon when I was visiting, and I’ve started buying one piece every time I go in to start replacing my plastic storage containers. The glass is lovely, and it really keeps everything nicely. For some reason, I feel very European keeping my veggies and fruits and yogurt in glass containers. And, being European is always best, right?


One of these days I’m going to Magpie for lunch. They always have fabulous menus posted on the wall with farm-fresh local veggies, quinoa and fresh meats. Just reading the descriptions makes my mouth water. And, to be honest, their granola is pricey, but everything else is really reasonable. Perhaps when I start making my own granola, I’ll realize how pricey it is to make it and understand why granola always has such a high price tag. The jury is still out on that one.

Even dogs have a doggone good time…

It started raining after I left the Magpie this morning. It’s been raining every since. I’m snuggled up to my kitty Buster, and I have a phone conversation scheduled with my friend Nancy and a virtual coffee date with my friend Davina from Memphis. I haven’t done my yoga yet, but it’s on the agenda. I bought lots of fresh veggies, dairy products, farm eggs and a fresh chicken at the farmer’s market, and I plan on roasting the chicken, some asparagus and potatoes this afternoon for dinner. It’s looking like I’m in for the day regardless. I have some reading to do for work, and I need to do a little house-cleaning. But, I may not get to that. Somehow that just seems like so much work.

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