Mini-Vacation for What Ails Me


I left Michigan at 4ish last evening to catch my 5:38 flight home to BR which got delayed to 6:20 … then to 7:20. I finally boarded my rescheduled Atlanta flight at 9:49 PM only to sit for about 45 minutes while they fixed some mechanical problem. For some reason, they turned the AC on so high on the plane that I felt like I was in a freezer with air blowing on my sandaled feet. I had to sit cross-legged next to the woman who was trying to sleep so I could sit on my feet to keep them warm. I kept meditating to try to get my head out of the torture chamber created by Delta Airlines. I arrived home at 11:20 PM on a school night. I think I climbed into bed with some very mad kitties at about midnight. I was exhausted. It was a long day, and I was so glad to be back to familiar sheets.

My stubborn body clock went off at the usual 5:38, so I got up and did yoga nidra for 45 minutes. It gave me the kick I needed to get over the lack of sleep, and I all of a sudden realized that I didn’t have a dog to walk this morning, so I packed up for a trip to the Magpie Cafe. What a treat to get breakfast out on a weekday! I’m sitting at my favorite spot looking at some teacup roses and listening to a finch chirp incessantly at the glorious morning. I treated myself to some quiche and a whole milk latte that is divine. Today is not the day to give up my coffee. I think I brought Louisiana warmth to Michigan and came back with a bundle of cool, dry air for a coming home present. It is perfect weather for sitting outside. I’m afraid I might be late for work.

IMG_2162-2I’m happy to report that I’m happy to be home. I’m happy to have the Magpie Cafe to visit. I’m happy to have a pleasant office to go to this morning. There have been many days here that I didn’t have that. I am very, very grateful. It makes coming home so much more palatable. I look forward to picking up Ashok from the kennel and taking her on a long walk tonight. It looks like today is going to be fabulous, and I’m going to embrace every minute of it. I learned a long time ago that the best antidote to the ‘coming home from vacation blues’ is to create a little mini-vacation when I get home. On a day like today, it’s not hard to do.

It was a whirlwind weekend – or should I say Whirlpool instead – since I was up near my old campus and employer. I would say it was crazy busy, but it was actually very relaxing, and I got a huge dose of girlfriend love while I was there. It was a shot in the arm for what may prove to be a long summer. I think Michigan was happy to see me. The earth shook with delight all the way up to Grand Rapids, and this morning Benton Harbor was in the dark. I’m sure my energy leaving the area caused quite a jolt to the local energy reserves. They’ll get back to normal soon. And, I’m quite sure I’ll be back … as soon as I get the opportunity.

I hope wherever you are the weather is lovely. I hope you got a good night’s sleep. I hope that you take a few minutes today to do something that you really love to do. Schedule a little mini-vacation in my honor if you need an excuse. I’m praying that my surge of joy due to my four-day excursion to one of my favorite little towns will cancel out the lack of sleep. I’ve promised myself that I will eat no sugar today. I had too much this weekend, and I’m feeling it.  I deserve to feel better, and, honestly, I don’t need the roller coaster today. Have a great day, y’all!

2 Comments on “Mini-Vacation for What Ails Me

  1. Oh, the torture of travel delays, etc. But I LOVE the idea of a mini-vacation when you arrive home. I am always so anxious to get a load of laundry started and such, maybe I should just try taking an extra day off 🙂

    I am glad for you that you felt a sense of happy home-coming. I know what it’s like to dread coming home, and it’s just no fun. I hope this means that things are settling down and starting to fit better for you.

    The weather in Seattle has been beautiful, though it rained like the dickens this morning. It’s supposed to clear off and be sunny and low 70s through the weekend – love it!

    Be well, Sharon!

    • I hope that you will try the mini-vacation tip. It also helps me on Mondays. Some counselor recommended it to me, and it really works. Enjoy the nicer weather.

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