Monday Blues: Nap-time, Butter and Squirrels

Naptime after work.
Nap-time after work.

I’m not feeling so well tonight. I felt great this morning. I mean I felt so good I noticed that I was feeling much more clear-headed and energetic for the morning. I’m on a sugar detox again. I’ve still been pretty good about sugar, but my usage has gradually been creeping up into more of a habit again. And, when I went to Michigan I enjoyed quite a few sugary treats. I didn’t feel so great the Tuesday after I returned. So, I immediately stopped buying the occasional mocha at Starbucks and eating dark chocolate as a snack. But I was still putting honey in my tea and eating granola and cane syrup on my yogurt in the mornings.

I managed to quell some of the sweet cravings by cutting back, but I wasn’t totally committed. My friend Jennifer and I went to lunch on Wednesday, and she was really working hard on continuing her sugar detox. After a long discussion about sugar, I came away re-motivated to come off the sugar again. Thursday was my first real day without sugar at all on purpose. I haven’t had much of a withdrawal. I wasn’t doing that much regular sugar, but I have found myself getting into down moods on occasion due to the withdrawal of my favorite drug. Friday night was bad. And, tonight got bad. It seems to hit me in the evening around quitting time at work. I even came in and took a nap tonight.


I woke up from my nap with an intense craving for sugar or junk food or something comforting. It’s the depression wanting a snack. I knew it, and I promised myself I wouldn’t give in. This will pass by tomorrow morning or maybe even by the time I go to bed tonight. I’ve read that eating a high protein, high-fat meal will help with sugar cravings, so I cooked some fresh asparagus with butter, sliced a half of an avocado with some cherry tomatoes, sauteed some grass-fed beef and slathered a piece of Sunflower Bread with cracked pepper goat cheese. It was a yummy, tasty meal, and the sugar craving has gone away. Now, I’m just left with a little bit of a down mood. I’ll either do a yoga nidra later or take a hot bath. Either will make me feel better in the long run. I just want to curl up and close out the world.

I re-read one of my blogs that I wrote when I gave up sugar before, and I had some good tips that I had forgotten. I need to make some of that yummy black rice pudding for snacks and some blackberry grits. I have some frozen blackberries. Maybe I’ll make them tomorrow morning for breakfast for a change. That would be creamy and comforting. I’m using rice grits now. I find they taste much better than corn grits plus I get the nutrition of brown rice. I can see why I got back on some sugary treats. I forgot about the yummy snacks I was making that made me feel like I was having dessert. Sugar is really a relentless temptress.

IMG_2196I pulled the squirrel card tonight in my deck of Medicine Cards. Squirrel medicine tells me to prepare myself for the future. If squirrel has scurried into my cards today, it may be that it’s telling me to honor my future by readying myself for change. Squirrel tells me to be prepared but don’t go nuts with it. I’m supposed to be reserving something for future use. It also urges me to know that all will ‘be taken care of in its own time.’ Maybe part of my drive to give up sugar is an effort to gather my energy and my wits about me for some change that may happen in the near future. And my body may be telling me to rest with my down moods. As erratic as squirrels seem to be, I think I like squirrel medicine. It seems to suit me right this moment. I think I’ll go do a yoga nidra. I feel like checking out. Night, y’all. Sweet Dreams.

2 Comments on “Monday Blues: Nap-time, Butter and Squirrels

  1. Sharon you truly make me want to eat better and exercise more. You truly inspire me with your stories. I truly love reading your blog.
    Take care!


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