Girl Talk: Visiting the Bra Genie


Last Saturday I noticed a store called The Bra Genie over by Whole Foods. I was totally stoked to see it and couldn’t imagine how I’d missed it all of those times I’ve been to Whole Foods. Turns out it just opened last week. My friend Denise texted me and told me I needed to go there. The Bra Genie has been a phenomenal supporter of her girls for years, and I remember her sharing what a difference it made when she actually got professionally fitted for a bra many, many years ago.

Another curly girl!
Another curly girl!

I told my friend Jennifer, and we headed over at lunch today to see what this ‘genie’ was all about. We walked in the cute little shop which had all kinds of bras, swimwear, and foundation garments. Several ladies were at the desk and within a minute we were both whisked away into dressing rooms with our own personal genies. Shelby, my genie, took three measurements and asked me about my wardrobe. I told her that I like to show off my figure since I work so hard at it, and I needed something that was smooth and made me look by best without a lot of bulges and ripples. She left, and I immediately texted Denise to tell her I was there.

Shelby and Me
Shelby and Me

Before I even got an answer, Shelby returned with a cute little bra that had daisies on the straps. She said it was adorable under tank tops. Alas, my girls were a tad bit too large for this creation, and they didn’t have a larger size. It’s too bad, too, because I fell in love with it. But, she went back to work and returned with several more styles to meet my needs. Shelby helped me put on the bra correctly and taught me how to maneuver my age-kissed breasts into the cups in a way where they looked perky and ten years younger. She brought in several price points and styles. I guess every gal has one breast that is larger than the other, and she made sure that we found several bras that supported both girls uniformly.

My wish list items....
My wish list items….

I picked out several that I liked and that fit, and I chose a tank top that has compression and is reversible. I can wear it with a round neck or a v-neck. When I added up the prices, I couldn’t afford them all, but she took the ones I liked over to the computer and added them to my wish list. While I was there, another customer came in and purchased an item from her wish list. She’d already tried it on, and so her genie just found the size and the style and rang her up. Several women came in during the short lunch hour shopping for swimsuits and foundation garments. It was actually a lot of fun. Everyone was laughing and urging their friends to try something more daring than they usually choose. I had a minute to share my Devacurl success story with one of the genies, and she is super excited to call Eric for her DevaCut. It was kind of a fun girls outing.

The Bra Genie also carries something for men, too. These snazzy underwear have a pocket for their package that lifts and wicks moisture for comfort. Who says the girls are the only ones that want to stand out in a crowd? One of the customers said she bought her husband a pair last week, and he loves them. I’m sure he’d be thrilled that his wife was talking about his underwear but I wanted to know! The Bra Genie also carries all kinds of accessories like specialty straps for converting bras under plunging necklines, backless dresses and halter tops. They even had a display of discriminating Lelo vibrators for those times when you’re feeling really pretty and sexy. Why just look good when you can feel sexy, too?

I actually got to meet the top dog genie, Jeanie, and I had to take a pic to text to my friend Denise. Jeanie commented that it is so empowering for a woman when they finally get a foundation garment that makes her look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. With the right bra, the girls sit high just like they did in younger years. It’s one way we can defy gravity for a small pricetag.The Bra Genie carries over 180 sizes, so this is not a place that discriminates against any size or shape. If you are looking for a solution, you will find it here.

Jeanie.. the top dog Genie
There is also a Bra Genie in Mandeville. That’s the original location. You can check out their website here, and I found a video that describes the amazing difference a great foundation garment can make. If you are in the Baton Rouge or Mandeville area, you should check it out. Your girls will thank you … and maybe your guy, too. 🙂


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