Slopping in the Mud… Again!

This was me going out to my car this morning for work.
This was me going out to my car this morning for work.

I’ve just about reached my limit with the mud. I had to bring the garbage out, and the mud is so bad in my driveway that I had to go through the front gate which meant pushing the can through another muddy area with knee high weeds. I guess the landscaper can’t mow because of the rain. Yesterday, I let Ashok out in the yard, and I followed her for a bit into the weeds. You can hardly call it grass. It’s green, but it’s all weeds. It looks like there are moles in this yard, too. Ugh… it was just disgusting. After Bayou Country Superfest, I thought my friend Jennifer was going to have to call a tow truck because her tires were spinning in the mud in the front yard. At 1 AM, it was not humorous.

I’ve been noodling whether or not I want to buy a house in October when my lease runs out or find another – cheaper – place to rent. With this past year’s budget scare with Higher Education in Louisiana, I’m a little bit leary of buying a house in case these moronic state legislators can’t get enough money funneled to higher ed to keep my department running. Momma worked for the state for all of her career, and she says this is normal for Louisiana. Every year they were all going to lose their jobs, and every year they pulled a rabbit out of a hat and ‘found’ some money. She says not to worry. It’s the game people play down here. So, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’ve even considered just staying put for another year to see how everything feels next year.

These babies are $100 on eBay.
These babies are $100 on eBay.

Yesterday, I told my friend Beth that I thought I was going to stay put. She is now newly single and lives in the same neighborhood. It would be great to have a friend close by to ride bikes, grab coffee or just chat for a bit. It felt really good to decide to stay and forget about moving. That lasted about 12 hours before it poured down rain again today. My driveway was full of water when I came home. I had to wade through it to take Ashok out for a walk. Ugh!!!! I HATE this mud. I find myself daydreaming about walking out of my house into a concrete parking lot. As much as I hate the thought of an apartment complex, at least I would have concrete under my feet!!

In January, I went with my friend Jo Anne to the Gumbo Cook-off in Watson. It’s out in a field behind a daiquiri shop. It ended up being really warm that day, and when Jo Anne called to tell me what to wear, she told me I should wear my rubber boots because it was really muddy. The words rolled out of her mouth like she thought I actually owned a pair of rubber boots. I grimaced and started noodling whether or not I really wanted to go somewhere that dictated wearing rubber boots. In other parts of the country, women don’t actually own rubber boots. Rubber boots are designated for those that work outside. I opted for cowboy boots, and they worked fine, but I did have to watch where I was stepping. All the pretty girls out that day had on their nice little summer outfits accessorized with colorful – and muddy – rubber boots. I just don’t know if I can pull the trigger on this one.

Goodwood Hardware's LSU Boots $50
Goodwood Hardware’s LSU Boots $50

They sell these cute rubber boots everywhere. Goodwood Hardware, a hardware store down the street from me that sells high end grilling accessories and outdoor furniture has women’s rubber boots with LSU tiger colors and New Orleans Saints’ black and gold. They are not cheap either. In a previous life, I might wear a pair of rubber boots once in several years, but I suppose here it’s a more frequent wardrobe accessory. It’ll have to be frequent for me to justify the price.

No, this is not me.
No, this is not me.

So, I’m trying to decide if I should rent or buy. Either way, I want to cut my expenses a little. Ever since Bra Genie came to town, I’ve been blowing my budget on high-end bras. With the price of those things, I need to cut out some extra expenses on my housing allowance. I suppose that having high-riding boobs might eventually help me get a better house in the long run, but a higher-priced house will not help me get bodacious ta-tas. So, I think I’ll invest in the amazing Bra Genie bras, leave the rubber boots to the Louisiana hard-core mudstompers, secure a lower monthly house payment and learn to love concrete under my feet.

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  1. As always an honest and enjoyable read. However, I would only disagree with one thing…..when it comes to your current place of employment take it from me, RUN LIKE HELL! that house of cards is gonna come tumbling down and you’re too good for that.

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