Sunday Night Check-In: Happy Summer Solstice!

Double Trouble!!!
Double Trouble!!!

This was one of those weekends when I did not want to stay home. I thought I did. I was in Utah all last week, and I thought I wanted to curl up on the chaise in my living room and veg there for two days. I had nothing planned. Friday I ran a bunch of errands when I got home, had a friend over for a bit and then walked Ashok. I went to bed fairly early as I was exhausted.

Saturday was more errands, and I spent some time looking at apartments and driving around neighborhoods. I just wanted to be out and about. I hung out at PJ’s coffee for awhile downtown and blogged. It was too hot to have Ashok running around with me, so she had to stay home. I bought my first watermelon of the season from Southside Produce and had a big slice sprinkled with salt when I got home. It was delicious. I even got a chance to do a little yoga before I went to bed last night. It felt awesome.

I called Daddy, and they weren’t doing anything today, so I told them I’d come by this afternoon for a short visit. I got up this morning and walked Ashok. I got to thinking that I really wanted to get out and kayak today. It’s been awhile since I wanted to load that boat onto my car and drive somewhere to do it, so I decided I should just go for it. I pulled out a map and looked for State Parks or Canoe Trails that would allow me to also visit my parents in the afternoon. I REALLY wanted to go to Grand Isle but that would have been way too much driving. So, I settled on Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, loaded up the car and headed out.

I’ve never been to that park, but I know one of the canoe clubs here has a big spring camping trip to Lake Fausse, and I’ve been wanting to at least see what it was like. It’s a very small park in the Atchafalaya swamp, but it’s nice and, of course, surrounded by water. The campground was full even in the heat of the summer, and almost all of the picnic pavilions were taken. I opted to take Ashok on a short hike to see what the trails were like, and then I had a picnic lunch on a pavilion over the water. I decided that the lake was not all that interesting to kayak today especially since it was out in full sun, and it was starting to heat up. I changed my mind and thought I might kayak on the pond at my parent’s house instead. So, I headed down the long road to Pierre Part.

The Trail

My travels took me through the swamp and down backroads dotted with fish camps and boat launches. White pickup trucks were everywhere. All of the little camps were named, and it was fun to think about the personalities of the owners based on the names they chose. I did a double-take at one called Tranquil Spaces which had a lotus flower on the sign. This one obviously was a kindred spirit. Another one had a sign out front that said Mine, and I was trying to figure out what that meant when I passed the next sign that said Hers. I laughed out loud.

Then the scenery turned into sugarcane fields before we hopped on Hwy 90 toward Morgan City. I saw a sign for Cypremort Pointe State Park, and I turned off the highway as if I was programmed. I turned around when my GPS told me it was 37 miles to the park. I didn’t have that much time to kill. But, I read about the park, and I think I’ll have to come back one day when I’m down at my parent’s place to go see it. It’s actually on the gulf.


I arrived at my parent’s house in the heat of the day. Daddy, Ashok and I took a ride on the golf cart and immediately regretted it. It was just too hot. The rest of the afternoon we sat around and enjoyed the air conditioning while we looked at their pictures from out West. I have to admit I was salivating at the fall colors and the cool mountain streams. Momma made a deer roast, and we had some sliced cucumbers, rice and gravy and home-grown tomatoes with it for dinner. After dinner, I decided that I’d see if it was too hot to get on the water.

Mountain Pictures
Mountain Pictures

It was really beautiful out there on the pond. I wished I’d brought my camera with me. I hung in the shade because it was still pretty hot, but the breeze was nice, and it was very peaceful among the cypress trees, waterbirds and Spanish Moss. I paddled past a fisherman and he asked if I saw the gator back there. He pointed it out. It was apparently stuck on a catfish line, and you could see the buoy moving with him. I told him he should go help him get away from it, and he laughed at the thought.

I packed up my boat and headed home. I’m tired in a good way. Ashok is snoring next to me. I really enjoyed my trek through Southern Louisiana today. Even though it was hot, I had a good time, and I now have a couple of places I want to visit when the summer heat dies down. It will happen. It’s just that it won’t be really soon. I think those weathermen that predicted cooler than normal temps here in Louisiana in June missed the boat. It was hot.


Today was the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. I’m glad I got out to enjoy the daylight. I hope you did, too. A co-worker of mine was inspired to go to Clark Creek after my hike last week. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get out on the water next weekend. Jo Anne and I are already planning a Bogue Chitto float next Saturday. It’ll be great, and I can actually swim on this one. There will be no gators waiting to nibble on my toes. Have a good week!

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