Facebook Rant: Just Because

A friend of mine texted me tonight that she didn’t even want to socialize with a bunch of her old friends because of the rebel flag controversy that is playing out on Facebook.

“There’s a rebel flag controversy?” I texted back.

She explained that there’s an uproar of people demanding that they have a God-given right to wave the rebel flag. Apparently, this is part of the backlash of the massacre in Charleston. I’m not stupid. I know about the killings. And I’m certainly horrified about them. But, I don’t read much on Facebook anymore, and I don’t really watch the news unless there’s something that I’ve heard about word of mouth. Perhaps I’m weird. I actually don’t care. I just don’t like seeing the bad side of life on a consistent basis. I try to focus on the positive and ingest positive stories and news. It’s part of my treatment for my anxiety and part of my wish to see the world as a sunny, happy place. Now, that I say it, it does seem a bit moronic. But, if I’m going to be a moron, why not be a happy one? At any rate, I didn’t realize that the rebel flag was reliving another controversy on Facebook.

“Why don’t they take away the guns [if his accessories seem to be the problem]?” I asked.

“Yeah, suggest getting rid of the guns, you terrorist-loving pinko commie b*stard,” she replied.

I explained that I don’t read anything on Facebook anymore because it makes me hate everybody I know. Gossip, hate-mongering, mud-slinging, religious intolerance, and gay-bashing homophobia turns my stomach, and I’m quite sick of it. I long for the days when Facebook was new and shiny and everybody was catching up on their past and there were only the people I knew on Facebook. Now, every other post is a paid ad, a gory picture of animal abuse, a political slam or some other inappropriate conversation that would never happen in real life. And that doesn’t even touch the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in Facebook messaging. They say one out of 4 divorces are caused by Facebook now. Facebook has become a heartless vacuum, a sort of no man’s land when it comes to manners and respect of others.

“I don’t read anything on FB anymore. I only read my own crap and post pics of myself. I’m down to liking only me.” I explained with an LOL.

“I’m seriously thinking of deleting my Facebook,” she replied. “I’m so much better than all of them.”

“I love myself,” I answered. And I sent her a selfie just to show how beautiful I really am.


“Perfect!” she answered. “Why I like me so much better than you, and you, especially you.”

Thank you, Facebook. You bring out the best in all of us. Of course, I’ll be posting this on Facebook! Instagram is so much more civilized, but you can’t post a blog there!

2 Comments on “Facebook Rant: Just Because

  1. I stopped watching the news almost three years ago. Best decision I ever made my anxiety has reduced significantly sans the news. They repeat the same stories over and over and the visuals. It is by design to keep us churned up.

    You know I love FB but if I see something that is going to rip my guts out such as animals babies etc. I scroll on past. I’m there for positive inspiration and to keep up with people. And of course my Grandson. Heading into a political year there is going to be a lot of scrolling on by.

    • I hate the news. Now it’s all about shocking everybody and letting you know everything you need to be afraid of. And, honestly, I find that I live my life quite well without protecting myself from all of that. In fact, it’s probably more important to protect myself from the news. I don’t have control of any of it anyway, so knowing about it doesn’t help. Now, if I see that something happened like the killings in Charleston – you can’t miss it – then I’ll google it to see what happened so I stay informed. But, I’m sure I miss a lot. I don’t want to leave FB either. I tried it and can’t leave it entirely. The world is wired to be there. Although I know plenty of people who are not on it and have never been on it. I’m even using FB and Twitter for faculty development now. It’s hard to ignore as a communication source. I think the thing that bothers me the most is not the platform but it’s people’s bad, insensitive behavior. I don’t have any control over that, either.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! 🙂

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