Learning About Learning: InstructureCon 2015

In case you are interested, I just started a professional blog! Here’s my second post….

Teach Them How to Fish


I had the opportunity to go to InstructureCon last week in Park City UT. Our community and technical college system implemented Canvas (Instructure’s LMS Product) in the spring, and we are live with it this summer. I’ve been through system implementations before (many), and this one was seamless. Yes, there were complications, but they were worked out quickly. From the very beginning, we wanted to go to InstructureCon and learn more about implementing Canvas, and we wanted to bring representatives from all of our colleges to the event to ensure that EVERY school got new information. We were able to get a grant to fund the travel, and we set out to Park City for the event.

My main objective for the conference was to make some contacts at other schools for networking on projects and to learn a few tips to give me ideas on ways I can…

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