Sunday Night Check-In: Well-Fed

We had a water main repair that had to be done in our office on Friday, so we were not able to go to work. It was a surprise and provided me with a much appreciated 3-day weekend. I took care of my errands and getting my hair color touched up on Friday, so I had the rest of the weekend to catch up on other things and play.

My Meetup Group had a murder mystery party Friday night, and it was a lot of fun. I was Coconut Jane in a tropical-themed bar party at the Draft House downtown. I met a ton of new people, and it was a lot of fun trying to be in character and find clues about the death of the bartender, Jack Daniels. The leader of the group, Rob, prepared an amazing dinner that started with a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad. The main course was Kaluha Pork with potatoes and veggies. I was able to eat everything that was offered and stay on my food plan. It was delicious to boot.

Poor Jack Daniels!
Poor Jack Daniels!

Of course, I got up early for kayaking on Saturday, and I played all day on the river. I had a Match meet and greet Saturday night which turned out pretty good. I’m definitely open to seeing him again. I came home and finally unpacked from the Utah trip. I was so tired that I slept 9 hours last night. That doesn’t usually happen with me but my sleep is continuing to get better the longer I am doing the plan suggested by the book Potatoes not Prozac. 

I’ve now been off sugar for a month. I have had a couple of relapses in the last month, but that’s pretty good considering I’ve been traveling and going to parties and such. It’s not easy to do on the road. My first day in Utah I headed out to Whole Foods and got some eggs to boil, fruit, Triscuit crackers, potatoes and Greek Yogurt. That little trip saved me as it would have been difficult to eat breakfast at the conference. First of all, the food was nasty, but they also didn’t have any whole-grain options. The complex carb and protein at breakfast is very important to kick the day off to a good start. I’ve felt so good since kicking the sugar, I got off caffeine again last Monday. I’ve never gotten back into a full-swing caffeine habit since the last time I cut it out, so it was pretty uneventful, but I have had headaches and fatigue a few times this week. The caffeine withdrawal symptoms come and go. I’ll feel great one day, and the next day I feel like a Mack truck hit me. Today was one of the ‘not so good’ days.

The startings of dinner….

Since I wasn’t feeling that great, I got up and blogged. It poured rain most of the morning, anyway. When I got done, I took Ashok for a walk, dropped off my rent check and went to the produce market. When I got home, I decided to trim Ashok. I’ve loved her short haircut, but it costs $75 to get it done. I can’t really afford that on a regular basis, so I got a hair clipper off Amazon. Ashok and I had to figure this out. It went pretty well. She looks like she has a “my momma cuts my hair” haircut, but it’s not bad. Besides, she got to go kayaking yesterday. That’s something most of those fancy professionally groomed dogs don’t get to do. She’ll have to accept the good with the bad.

Adobo-inspried White Beans and Roasted Butternut Squash

I roasted some butternut squash tonight and prepared some Adobo-inspired white beans with Penzey’s Adobo seasoning, red onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and chopped poblano peppers. For dessert, I sliced some fresh figs and topped them with a dollop of black-pepper goat cheese. It was freaking awesome! I took one bite of that butternut squash, and I was stunned. When I was eating sugar, it didn’t taste all that sweet. But, tonight’s dish tasted like candy. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m loving this eating program. I’m enjoying the buttery baked potato before bed just like it’s dessert. I feel amazing, and I’m sleeping like crazy. I don’t think I’ve woken up in the middle of the night since I started it 3 weeks ago. And my mood is completely stable … well, except for the irritability that I attribute to last’s week’s withdrawal from caffeine. It’s been minor, but I’ve noticed that I’m a little edgy.

Fresh Figs and Black Pepper Goat Cheese

I plan to sit down with a book called Tracks that my friend Leah recommending I read. This one is about a woman who crosses the Australian Outback by herself for her life’s adventure. I don’t think I’m in any danger of doing this with my disdain for the heat, but I’m enjoying reading about these adventuresome women. I think it’s about time to get some women together for a weekend camping, hiking and paddling trip. I’m starting to think there really is a place for that in all of our lives. After all of the excitement with the party on Friday, kayaking on Saturday and rest time on Sunday, I feel very well-fed socially, spiritually and physically. I even put together my healthy breakfast for in the morning. I remembered that I can make overnight oatmeal with my crimped oats from the Farmer’s market. I threw them into a bowl with 1 cup of plain kefir and a cup of blueberries. I’ll be able to just grab and eat it in the morning. Yummy!

Have a great week, y’all. Take care of yourself. You are absolutely worth it.

2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Well-Fed

  1. Your food looks delish, Sharon! Glad to hear that the new eating plan is working well for you 🙂

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