Sunday Night Check-In: Catfish, Watermelon and Sweating

This is the first weekend I’ve really felt it. I ran early yesterday morning before dawn and was miserable. I’m not even running with Ashok because it’s too hot for her. I took a shower and headed down to the Farmer’s Market to meet some friends. It was still early – around 8ish – but I thought I was going to drown in my own sweat when I walked down to the Feliciana Creamery booth. A woman was taking forever, and I was broiling in the sun. “You need some shade here,” I told the man selling me my 2% milk. He looked at me like I had 3 heads and quietly handed me my change. I’m sure he saw in my eyes that if he said the wrong thing his dairy selling days might be over.

Farmer’s Market Figs

A date asked me to go on a walk and then go to dinner afterwards. I thought this was a great idea until I started to get dressed for this date. How am I supposed to dress to impress a man when it’s a hundred freaking degrees outside, and I’m supposed to walk in it? And my hair is not exactly the kind that can be put up in a cute ponytail with a ribbon wrapped around it. I was totally freaking out and mad at him for having such a stupid idea and putting me in this situation. I had already sweated like a monkey twice in one day, and now it was going to happen again right before sitting down to dinner and chitchat. Clearly he was testing me with some kind of inane test to see how I function in extraordinarily hostile situations. Luckily, my friend Nancy talked me down off the ledge before I arrived for what would turn out to be a miserably hot 4-mile walk. But, he was really sweet and gave me water and fruit afterwards while we sat in the sun roasting. I stunk and my hair looked like one of those tumble-weaves that you find on the road on Sunday morning downtown. I’m sure I didn’t pass the test. This is clearly not the way to see me shine.

My Middle-of-the-Night Run … It Was Still Hot!!


Needless to say, after a 3-sweat Saturday, I was not in good humor when I broke into a sweat again this morning on my walk and then again when I washed my car. In this humidity, my hair is just a mess unless it’s right after I style it. I went to the car wash with it wet in the hopes that it would not be frizzy after letting it air dry. I had clips in it to add ‘lift’, and I must have looked like a white trash hoe the morning after an all-nighter. I’m afraid I was not very nice to the car wash attendant this morning when he tried to explain to me that it was ‘normal’ for the back of my car not to get clean at the car wash. I’d love to hear his version of that conversation. Of course, his lack of front teeth will make it even more hilarious.


I am trying to cope with the heat, however. I made iced green tea today, watermelon juice and tried to limit my exposure to the sun’s fiery oppression. I took a ride out to my parent’s house and decided to take a detour down Alligator Bayou Road which is just South of Baton Rouge. I’ve heard it’s a great SHADY place to cycle and run, and I wanted to see for myself before I head out early some morning. This 5-8 mile stretch of back road is just lovely. Alligator Bayou is on the right, and the left landscape alternates between forest and farmlands. At one point, I saw an artist with his easel capturing a beautiful scene with a rusted out old truck aging in front of a dilapidated old wooden barn. I will definitely be back for a run some morning.

Alligator Bayou

At the end of the road, I set up the GPS for Pierre Part, and it led me to a ferry which is no longer operational. I spoke with Ricky and Ivory, who were catching catfish in the Mississippi River. As I was chatting with them about the ferry and how to get to Pierre Part, I saw this enormous fish tail surface in the river. “Did you catch that?” I practically yelled. They said yes and then had to show me their catch which was quite impressive. Ricky said he never keeps them. He comes out there every weekend and gives his catch to others. Ivory just met him yesterday, so this was his first experience in giant catfishing. I said so long and headed toward Pierre Part, stopping to take a pic of the Lone Oak Cemetery, St. Gabriel Catholic Church and Historic Old Donaldsonville.

Giant Catfishing

Scenes from the Road (Near St. Gabriel LA)

My parents seemed great, and we ate watermelon channeling my grandfather, the watermelon aficionado. We told a few PawPaw watermelon stories – there are many – and I told them about my brother Terry buying 6 watermelons one afternoon. His wife posted on Facebook, “Terry just brought home 6 watermelons. Why would anybody buy 6 watermelons?” I replied that it was hereditary, and she’d just need to adapt. Watermelon was perfect on a hot day like today. PawPaw had surviving summer down pat.

Historic Old Donaldsonville

I had some great food this weekend. I bought Kadota figs yesterday, and I made a wonderful breakfast of fresh figs, greek yogurt and Louisiana pecans. Lunch was farm eggs sauteed with fresh sweet peppers, home-grown tomatoes and sweet onions. And, tonight, I fixed red beans and rice with tasso in the crockpot. I’ll probably grab some more of those figs before I hit the sack. They are simply divine. If I had to claim a favorite food, and I could only pick one, I’d have to say it’s fresh figs. It’s a shame they are only available for such a short time, but I guess I’ll never get tired of them. Maybe I can focus on the divine gifting of the figs during the most horrendous time of the year for me. It might create a good balance … maybe ….as long as I don’t have to sweat to get them.

Y’all have a good week. Try to stay cool.

8 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Catfish, Watermelon and Sweating

    • Yes, I had a date. I’ve had a few lately. But, nothing seems to stick much. All Match dates. But, I’m making connections. Who knows? Tasso is a seasoned salt pork that is used down here for flavoring. This link will tell you more.

      We should set up a time to chat by phone soon. I miss me some Autumn!

  1. I really enjoyed this one! I’m sorry you had so much unintentional sweating going on this weekend. That’s what makes living in Louisiana in the summer difficult. It’s just too danged hot! Oh, well, Miss Scarlett, at least you didn’t have to wear a corset and a long dress.

  2. LOL, I forgot about the 6 watermelons! We “only” have 3 right now, but Sasha loves them as much as Terry, so I’m sure we’ll go through those in no time.

  3. I love watermelon after a race. Perfect combo of wet and sweet.
    Sunday, we hit 90 for the first time since September 26, 2014. Good thing we did our long run on Saturday.

    • Absolutely. I’m already trying to decide if I should go to a breezy beach somewhere to do my little 4-miler this weekend. 😉

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