Animal Lost and Found

Tiffany’s ‘found’ kitten. If you want this sweet thing, let me know!

What a crazy, weird day. I got to work this morning, and my friend Tiffany came running in to tell me that she found this lovely little stray kitten in the parking lot of her ex’s apartment complex. The kitten was so friendly and attentive that she couldn’t just leave it, so she took it home. Almost as soon as she finished the story, she started worrying about what to do with it. It is so hard with stray or lost animals. You can’t just leave them, and most of us have a full house or we’d have more anyway. I always cringe when one finds me and I know it’s my responsibility to do something with it. I’ve taken ’em to the vet, cleaned ’em and found homes many times. But, sometimes I just can’t. I watched Tiffany grapple with what she was going to do and her broken heart for that kitty most of the day. I told her I’d help her with it. We’d find a home.

I’d been having an off and on toothache, and I went to the dentist. Seemingly out of nowhere I now have to another root canal. This is number 2 this year. My vet bills with Ashok’s mattress-eating surgery and the year’s earlier root canal surgery were painful enough. I’d already ditched vacation plans and decided to camp to save money again this year. Now, I’ve got ANOTHER one! I’m almost numb to it. Whatever … I thought. Here we go again. That’ll be $1000 – cha-ching. Thank you to the State of Louisiana for having horrible dental insurance.

Depressing as that was, I went to pick up my antibiotics at the pharmacy, and the pharmacy was really busy. They also had the nastiest attitudes I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t find my prescription that was called in while I was standing in the dentist’s office two hours before. “They haven’t called it in yet,” the moron said. “I heard them call it in at 3 PM,” I said. “Well, we’ve been really busy, and the pharmacist hasn’t checked her voice mail,” she answered. I left and called my dentist and asked them to call in my prescription to the CVS down the street instead of that crazy Walgreen’s. I knew better than to go there. It was a zoo.

I had a headache when I got home, so I laid down and practiced yoga nidra. That made things better, so I fixed dinner and then took Ashok for a walk. While I was over by Webb Park golf course, I walked by a yard with a Golden Retriever and a little white curly-haired dog in it. They ran to the fence and the white dog ran right through it. I realized then that the dog was wandering. It didn’t have on a collar, and it looked like it had a type of skin disorder or something. The poor thing’s tongue was hanging out of his mouth. It’s so hot outside it’s stifling.


He followed us all the way home which was about a 15-minute walk. I gave him some water with ice and dog food. He didn’t eat anything, but he did drink. Now, I was in the same spot that Tiffany was in this morning. What do I do with a stray dog? I can’t bring him inside. I’ve got other animals that might catch whatever he might have. So, I looked on the internet, and it said the best place to bring a lost dog is to the animal shelter. Yes, I know shelters are awful, but that’s the first place people look if they’ve lost a pet. And, I just can’t afford to bring a dog to the vet and have to pay for its care or decide what to do with it. The thing is it makes me feel horrible that I don’t have a better answer, but what do you do? I don’t have a place to put this dog, and if he runs out on the road, he’s bound to get killed.

IMG_3047-1My friend Jo Ann told me to post his pics on Lost Pets of Baton Rouge Facebook page, so I did. Maybe somebody will be looking for him. But, he didn’t look all that well-cared for. He’s either been lost for awhile, or somebody put him out. I know that’s not a good omen for his future at the shelter, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m so tired. I just want to go to bed, but I have to wait for them to come by and get this dog. This is always so hard!! I wish I had a big farm where I could keep them all. If anybody wants one of these babies, please let me know ASAP. They sure could use a good home. And the dog does seem really sweet.

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