Sunday Night Check-In: The Stink is On!

I need one of these!!
I need one of these!!
I have no idea what else to write about but the heat. Holy freaking cow, I thought I was absolutely going to die when I walked Ashok this evening for her after-dinner poo. I cut it at least half as short as usual, and I was still in a state of pure oppression before I got home. This really hot young man came running by with his shirt off, and I told him I had no idea how he could run in this stuff. “Would you like to come to my place for some iced tea,” I said. Not really. I hate it that I think of the great lines after the fact.

My friend Ann posted a weather map that proclaimed that we had a heat advisory out until Monday evening.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.30.07 PMI’m wondering if it’s going to stop on Monday. Remember all that crap they told us about those ‘cooler temps than normal’  this summer. Now what? Are they saying that Tuesday will be a lot nicer? Or is this just a way to say that it’s hot and not cooling down anytime in the foreseeable future – as if we don’t know it! My AC is working overtime. My poor dog is having to subsist on very short walks with a very grumpy dogwalker. Every time she stops to sniff, I yell at her that we are out there to walk not to ‘sniff.’ I can’t bear being out a second longer than necessary.

Today’s Day Trip to Pat’s in Henderson

My friend Autumn called tonight, and I told her that I had decided to postpone any vacation until the weather became more amenable. I’d have to go pretty far north to find any cooler weather. Even Memphis temps are tracking right along with Baton Rouge. I feel like I just want to stick out the next 2 months or so and get to nirvana before I head out to get moving again. I’m pretending it’s the middle of January up north, and I’m stuck inside unless I want to bundle up and shovel snow. In fact, thinking about shoveling snow and freezing feels pretty good, too. I just keep telling myself that this will pass .. it will pass … it will pass.

IMG_3063I was able to get my 4-miler in yesterday morning, and I managed to stay inside most of the day afterwards. The Farmer’s Market is out for me for awhile. I can’t get there early enough to stay comfortable. Besides, the fruits and veggies are starting to dry up and there is not much variety. I’ll shop in the stores for awhile. I’m just praying that my AC holds out in my car and home until the summer is over. My house AC quit a couple of weeks ago, and my landlord fixed it pretty quickly. I hope it holds on. She’s working overtime. I got to spend some time with my sister today, and we nearly burned up in the time it took us to walk from Academy to the car. I am very grateful for air conditioning. I can’t imagine life without it.

Ice Cold Treats … I splurged this weekend! And today was National Ice Cream Day!

A few weeks ago I joined the Louisiana Hiking Club. They meet at the Bluebonnet Library the first Thursday of every month. The second Saturday of every month, they have a hike somewhere in Louisiana. I skipped last month’s hike because it sounded way too hot, but I put August’s hike on my calendar. It’s in the Homochitto National Forest, and there is a crystal pool where everybody swims at the end of the hike. I’m already looking forward to jumping in. This month’s newsletter has me looking forward to the future. The club president, Katherine, teaches Backpacking 101 on Wednesday nights from October 7 – November 15. The class includes a day hike where you experiment with cooking and ends with an overnighter where you actually get to backpack. I’m totally stoked about this. It will be cooler for those dates, and I’m really wanting to learn to backpack after reading Wild. Who knows? Next year, I might be a backpacking fool! But, I have to get through July and August first. Ugh …. It’s killing me!

Hiking Club Meeting in July

Y’all have a good week and stay cool! I don’t really think it’s going to ease up all that much on Tuesday. This is the time of year when my Yankee friends are living it up. I remember packing a light wrap whenever I was going to be out on a balmy July evening. No wrap necessary here!! All of my southern friends are posting about how hot it is. In January, the table will be turned. But, for now, it’s sweating time down here! The stink is on!

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