Dear August: I Hate You.

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Dear August,

Thank you for a lovely morning this morning. I noticed last night that it felt cooler outside. The temperature hasn’t dropped, but I can tell the humidity has relented a bit. I actually sat outside for coffee with some girlfriends. It didn’t heat up until about 10 AM. I felt very blessed and very happy that the morning was nice. Let me be the first to say thank you.

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I have something to say that’s a little difficult to say without hurting your feelings. I know that your name means ‘respected and impressive’, and you are impressive. I do respect you, and, honestly, I have to or I’ll die of heat stroke, but I really don’t like you too much. I know this probably comes as a shock to you since there have been times in the past when I have adored you. In Michigan, you were the crown jewel of my summer. I rode bikes, hiked and had a great time hanging out downtown. Your gift was the last of the really warm days before the temps started signifying a rapid descent into winter. If truth be known, I loved you. In Tennessee, cooler mornings usually greeted me sometimes during your tenure. It could still be hot, but you gave us a break overnight.


I know that it’s not you who has changed. It’s me. I moved across country, and over the years I’ve grown to dislike you quite a great deal. You are what’s standing between me and fall. Now, I know September isn’t much better here, but it is a tad better. If I look at average temperatures in Baton Rouge, July and August stand even at 92 degrees, and September is at 89. It’s only 3 degrees, but, hey, it’s 3 degrees. I’ve been preparing myself for July since last summer. I knew it would be brutal, and I launched an all-out attack to try to make the best of July this year. It took all of my energy and brain power. I did it. July was much more tolerable. But, this morning I woke up, and here you were…. July’s wicked stepsister.


Now, I’m tired. I’m hot and sweaty. I’m tired of the AC, but I have no recourse. Even my dog is starting to rebel about walking outside in the heat. So, I’m continuing to drink my iced tea, dab my skin with Peppermint Oil and run my ceiling fans 24 hours a day. I hope that I can keep up this pace. I can’t leave you. We’re stuck with each other. At least Whole Foods is giving away meat in August! That’s something to celebrate!


I’m going to try to find a way to re-energize myself to survive the 31 days of living hell you’ve promised to provide me. I pulled out the National Day Calendar. Today is National Girlfriends’ Day! Hooray! I actually spent it with some girlfriends. Tomorrow is National Coloring Book Day. I bought some adult coloring books last week. I think I’ll celebrate tomorrow by coloring in them. Perhaps I can use that calendar to help me enjoy some things that I don’t typically enjoy.

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I boiled some okra today, too. It’s so hot out that most of the veggies are starting to dry up. The variety is not the same as it was at the Farmer’s Market earlier in the year. Even the okra is getting a little tough and stringy. But I boiled some. The truth is it reminds me of being a child in this heat and eating boiled okra for lunch. We only had a window unit AC back then. Daddy kept that front living room a cool 35 degrees while the rest of the house was clocking in at 95. At least we had a place we could go to cool off. Because, August, you can be mean, relentless and brutal.


I don’t have a lot to look forward to this year in August. I’m taking my annual vacation after it cools down. But, I’m going to try to tolerate you a little better than I did last year. I clocked improvement with July. Perhaps I can be as successful with you. I’m just tired right now. I think I’ll lie down for a bit and rest. This is going to take all I can muster. And, if you decide that you can meet me halfway and provide at least a few nice mornings like you did today, I’d certainly appreciate it. If you can do that on days when I have long runs that would be even better.

Thanks for listening,

Sweltering Sharon

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