Aaaaahhhhhhh …. I Am a Lucky Soul

All I can say is aaaaahhhhhhhh…..

Although the trip has not been trouble-free, it’s exactly what I was needing. Temps hover somewhere between 68 and 77 depending on the elevation during the day and the nights cool off to the upper 50s and lower 60s. Sleeping is fine!

I did study up in case of trouble…


Ashok decided to make a doggie door in the tent when we first got here….


But I got to check out the local REI store and become a lifetime member … free shipping and discounts forever. I was stunned that I hadn’t joined in Seattle, but I guess I wasn’t outdoorsy then.

But the rest of the trip has been phenomenal.

Lovely trails that spoke to my adventurous and quiet soul….


Rhododendron groves that stirred my imagination of their prolific blooming just a month ago…..

IMG_3259Little areas that remind me of the sometimes harmonious co-creation of man and nature. If only all of our co-creations were so lovely.

IMG_3274Wild blueberries and blackberries that ended up in my breakfast porridge the next day…

Meadows exploding with wildflowers of every color and shape…

Breathtaking mountaintop views that no camera can capture no matter how skilled the photographer….

IMG_3303The smiles that come with watching my little dog interact in nature….

And then watching her pass out in exhaustion at days’ end on a rainy night…


New friends made on the trail… and there are many I’ve joined for a bit….


The rear view of cute tight-ass bad-ass cyclists as they pedal their way up the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway….


The serenity and quiet beauty of an ancient forest – at once decaying and giving new life as it has for millions of years with me only touching it for one moment… How blessed I am to witness it – even for a second.

The exquisite taste of simple meals prepared outdoors…

And, last … but certainly not least … the beautiful music of a stream that brings water and nourishment to it all. It’s cold, wet, fragile beauty begs me to linger. And so I did.

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