Tell Me Somethin Good … Woohoo… Tell Me That You Like It


I hadn’t planned on taking a vacation in August. I had decided to wait until fall, my favorite season of the year, to head out and enjoy nature. I had several big projects at work that had just kicked off, and I didn’t think I could pull off anything until mid-September anyway. But, I had an astounding week at work a few weeks ago, and all of my projects got put on the fast track. All of a sudden, I got the itch .. and it seemed like permission … to get the hell out of Dodge.

I had no idea if I could pull it together enough to get out of town in a week, but I said a little prayer and told God I was open. If He thought I should get out of town then please help me grease the skids. If not, I’ll wait to September. I let go of the outcome and just tried to see what might happen. Everything … I mean everything … miraculously fell into place. When I saw the projected temps down here for the week I was going to be gone, I had to chuckle. He was taking me out of ‘hell week” down here. He does have a sense of humor.


On my drive up and back, I had time to listen to several speaker tapes. One of the ones I heard yesterday was about living in the ‘now’, and the next one I heard was about giving up resistance and just following God’s lead. As I listened to one speaker talk about letting go and dealing with what was in front of him instead of trying to make something happen, I thought about my vacation. Since I went on the spur of the moment, I had nothing planned. I decided that this thing fell into my lap, so I was going to just let it unfold the way it was supposed to. Last year’s vacation was okay, but I was not in a good place, and I didn’t really want a repeat of last year. I decided to let the Universe be my tour guide and see what showed up. I could not have planned anything better than the week I experienced. It was perfect for me.

This morning, I want to step back into that feeling and just trust that whatever is supposed to show up for me today will show up. My morning reading in The Language of Letting Go was about valuing the moment.

To trust the process, to trust all of it, without hanging on to the past or peering too far into the future, requires a great deal of faith. Surrender to the moment. If you’re feeling angry, get mad. If you’re setting a boundary, dive into that. If you’re grieving, grieve. Get into it. Step where instinct leads. If you’re waiting, wait. If you have a task, throw yourself into the work. Get into the moment; the moment is right.

~~ Melody Beattie in The Language of Letting Go – August 18

For some reason, when I was meditating on this, the refrain “Tell me something good” sang itself into my mind. It was so catchy that I actually starting singing it aloud much to Ashok’s surprise. It didn’t come from me; I’m not even all that enamored with that song. So, I looked up the lyrics. I couldn’t understand what that song had to do with anything until I realized that God was singing this to me. It’s a perfect message from Him. And, yes, God … I like it, and I love you. Thank you for thinking of me this morning. You certainly know how to get a gal’s attention.

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