Sunday Night Check-In: Settling Back In


At around noon today, I finally packed the tent away. It was raining when I broke camp last Sunday, so I just threw it in a garbage bag so I could dry it when I got home. We’ve had day after day of rain, so it didn’t dry out. I walked out and checked today at noon, and it was dry as a bone. I had a little sadness that the last piece of the puzzle was put away. Vacation is now just a memory.

I had a lazy Friday night. I met a new fellow – just a friend – at Magpie for coffee. We had a nice chat, and I was home early enough to walk Ashok and get to bed. Saturday was productive with a capital P. My trip to the WWII Museum in New Orleans didn’t materialize, so I got the inspection sticker on my car, bought groceries and stocked up on my Devacurl Products. I had some cold brew at Starbucks, and they must have made it really strong because I was wired for sound! In fact, I didn’t even feel really well I was so hyped up.


I had the thought that I should start down-sizing a bit. If I do indeed move later this year, why move all of this stuff that I don’t use anymore? So, I filled up Pursy with stuff from my kitchen that was no longer useful to me and hauled it to Goodwill. It felt awesome to unload all of that stuff. I celebrated by cooking roasted vegetables and making homemade coconut milk. I had a delicious dinner, practiced Yoga Nidra, read a chapter of Finding Your Own North Star, and went to bed early. I had a long run to do this morning, and I didn’t want to be tired.

I got up around 4:45 AM this morning and went for my long run. I missed it last week being on vacation, but I did lots of hiking. Still, I had to do a 6.5 mile long run, and I didn’t do it. I initially thought I’d do the 6.5, and I’d just be behind a week. But, it was fairly nice outside, and I felt pretty good a couple of miles into it, so I thought I’d try to do the 8 miles originally planned. I ran from my house to the LSU Lakes and then circled a lake before turning around and running the same route back.


I saw that fox over by the lakes that I saw last year. It makes me really sad to see a wild animal with such a small territory. I watched where he entered the woods through a gate, and there is a small section of forest on the banks of the lake. A sign says LSU Blvd. Wildlife Refuge. I looked it up but can’t find anything on it. It hardly looks large enough to support wildlife with food and space, so no wonder the fox runs about the neighborhood. I fantasized about getting my brother to help me catch it and take it somewhere where it can really live a fox’s life. I guess it’s one of those things I just have to feel sad about. I just feel sorry for that fox.


After I got home, I decided to get a latte at Starbucks and sit outside with Ashok to color in my coloring books. I bought them awhile back, took them to North Carolina, but I haven’t cracked them open. If I’m at home, I have too much other stuff I have to do. So, we sat outside, and I colored while she greeted everybody that came up. The manager came up and chatted with me. She said she wanted to find my blog again. I had blogged about them once a long time ago, and she said the blog got passed around all over their district offices, but she had lost the address. She wants to follow it. So, I gave her the name to google. The heat finally drove me home.

I cooked lunch and laid down for a two hour nap that turned into a three hour nap, but I feel much better now. I have food in the fridge for the week, I”m caught up on my half-marathon training, I have my monthly facial appointment with Lisa Tuesday, and August is almost over. I’m beginning to think about what’s going to happen when my lease is up, and I may try to buy a townhouse here in Baton Rouge. I was talking to my friend Nancy tonight, and I need to make a commitment. I’m making a lot more friends, my schedule is staying full, and I’m learning how to work with the heat. While a part of me wants to move to cooler climes, something is telling me to stay put for right now. At the moment, I think I’ll listen. That being said, the beauty of being an ENFP is that tomorrow may look entirely different to me. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Have a great week, y’all!

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